Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Acts of Kindness are not Selfless


A study in London has shown that a selfless act of kindness towards another is not so selfless – it actually triggers the release of the feel good chemical dopamine which is associated with sex and chocolates.

So then the only reason you would show kindness or assist someone is because it makes you feel good – you do it to make you feel good. Actually being selfish – its almost like using the other person for your benefit. Like an crack addict being directed by the feeling to get the next hit – we are being directed by the feel good feeling. YOU are not in fact being kind -  Its the feeling that is directing you, the feeling has power over you and your actions.

The question then is would you still do it if feelings were not a motivation – would you actually assist someone if it didn't make you feel good?

To be directed by feelings is dangerous – it always overrides common sense. You cant be trusted because you don't really exist – only your feelings do – and you will never be consistent and always be subjected to how you are feeling.

Consistency is the key – where YOU always direct YOU through common sense. Not because it makes you feel good – its what is best for all. You assist the person because its what YOU would have liked to be done for YOU. Best for all includes YOU as well. Self less acts do not exist when you look at Equality and Oneness – you are actually helping yourself by helping others. A different way of looking at selfishness.

I learned and am still learning to become completely self directed with the tools found at The Desteni I Process. Also read how many others are standing up to change the world through changing self with practical applications :

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Dealing With Failure:



Perfection – There is one saying that i always thought was really cool ‘’eveTJI_ClearChannel_Fallingrybody makes mistakes’’. That made me feel good about myself, because if i make a mistake then it is ok – everybody else does as well.

That good feeling was short lived because as i grew up  i realized that even though everybody makes mistakes, there are consequences for those mistakes. But that's another story.

The point is that in this process of self  and peeling of the layers of self and facing various aspects of yourself – you make allot of mistakes.

I have struggled with points and like all Destonians have fallen and faced failure. I was always hard on myself and still am when i cannot break though or transcend a particular point within myself. And being hard on myself i have actually made standing up again allot more difficult.

When making a miss take – instead of learning from it i tend to hold on to the idea and feeling that i am a failure. And when i struggle with a point i bring back all of my previous mistakes and failures and pile it up with the next one.

This where backchat is a bitch – I eventually go through all my failures and mistakes over and over – refusing to see what i have accomplished so far – and then eventually all that remains is the failure.

And then i believe that to be true – from there everything else starts with the preconceived idea that i will fail. And then that is exactly what happens  - I have created it. And it started with a thought.

EveryBody makes mistakes – this doesn't mean that perfection is not possible – simply not to be hard on yourself when you make a mistake, but to move on.You are not defined by your failures – but your ability to stand up from it.  Learn from it and move on.

Join us the quest of self perfection and dealing with failure   - Desteni I process.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Desteniproductions Terminated–What Now?


YouTube Decided today to Terminate DESTENIPRODUCTIONS,  BERNARDPOOLMAN, DESTENIEXPOSED and DESTENIMONEY and DESTENIPRODDEMONS due to alleged violations – These channels have in no way violated any terms of use regarding the terms.

They were all taken down pretty much at the same time. The message of equality and real practical solutions is what was being presented and that is what is being silenced. Up to 3000 supportive videos!

YouTube is deceptive – they will keep videos like porn but terminate those that stand for life.

BUT – those are only 5 channels. And to those haters who still don't get it – We are many – Desteni is a  GROUP of individuals who are working towards a solution for this life. And as a growing group of people we will not stop.

Yes it started with Desteni – a principle – Desteniproductions. But now those who can see and hear the message and who are busy incorporating the principle of life in their daily lives  as the Destonians we have become will not stop.

I cant stop – I see this world is in desperate need for change and im not the only one. Its common sense that cannot be denied.

So if anything this will only strengthen our resolve.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Road Rage Kills – How Not to Become Possessed


A Taxi Driver was shot and killed by a security guard in a road rage incident.

The taxi driver cut off a security van, the driver of the van then stopped and went to the taxi drivers window and he took out his pistol and then shot the driver dead as well as shooting the passenger.

Being driven by emotion kills. How are you being directed? By yourself or by emotions?

What would you do when you become so angry and full of rage where you become totally possessed by rage and direct that towards somebody?

And as long as you are being directed by emotions and feelings this can happen to you, at any time. People are like walking time bombs waiting to snap, explode. And if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time you will be a victim like many others.

What we say at Desteni is to become completely self directed – where I make the decisions in my life and direct what I feel. That i am responsible for what I feel therefor i must direct myself effectively to make sure that I dont cause harm or do something i might regret.

To become immune to possession. Join Desteni

Sunday, 19 June 2011

How i Came to Desteni

How I came to Desteni

I was born and raised a christian. Prayed every night and went to Sunday church. It was at my last 2years of school that I basically stopped being a full Christian meaning I only said I was to avoid conflict with people and parents. I was selective in terms of what I believed the bible said.

I was my last year of school and by that time my sister sunette already met Bernard and Esteni. Throughout that year sunette helped out with driving me and my younger sister to school and I remember sunette sometimes talking about various points regarding what they are doing. I did find it kind of strange but it did not bother me because it made sense. I was pretty much apathetic towards everything back then.

I met Bernard the first time when I was out with a friend at the mall. I saw sunette eating at a restaurant with Bernard and them so went to say hello. Sunette commented that I am a musician and play drums and then Bernard suggested I should give LJ some drum lessons.

That is how I met LJ. So I came by 2 a week giving drum lessons. It was about 2 or 3 months after I finished school that I was forced to look at what I want to do for the rest of my life. I was still living with my parents and I needed to ‘’get a life’’ so to speak . Then one day Bernard asked me what direction I want to take in life. I had no idea. After giving him a blank stare as a response I then said I want to do something with music. Sunette already moved in and lived here with everybody so Bernard suggested I could move in and be a music tutor as well as a schooling tutor. I was eager to do so and moved in 3 days later.

That was 5 years ago. And that is where my world changed. I learned common sense. How I learned self responsibility – that I was ultimately responsible for my thoughts feelings and actions. That I cannot blame or judge another. I learned the meaning of true power - if I want to change I am the one that has to make that change. And I alone have the power to do so. I saw for the first time how truly fucked up existence is and how we are all trapped in a cleverly designed system to keep us from ever realizing what is really going on.

Heaven On Earth:

I used to say that line allot ‘’ as above so below’’. And if we look at how bad shit is on earth, imagine how bad shit is in heaven.

An Equal Money System would be heaven on earth. Heaven being freedom from fear and abuse. That is what our current world system is based on – fear and abuse. It functions on the suffering of many to benefit the few. And we created it – this wonderful world. Now we are entering the stage of consequence and we have trapped ourselves with our greed and desire.

Now Millions suffer everyday and we live in a world that is not worth saving. And that must end.

Money is the goal and with Equal Money System Life would be the goal. We will move from survival to actual living. I saw for the first time a way where an Equal World is actually possible. And rather complaining about this world I am standing up to become that change and investigating solutions to solve all this bullshit we have on earth. And the cool thing is that we as humanity can do this. We can create a heaven on earth for every being. Once and for all end all forms of abuse that exist in this world.

That is why I stand for a Equal Money system – because none are free until all are free.

001 Practical Living with Equal Money and the Social Changes to come

Principle and Personality

Silently we Suffer

Self Forgiveness is the Key to Equality Sep 2

Kurt Cobain 2 from the Afterlife: DESTENI


Adolf Hitler series:

Waking Up and Becoming Aware of the Mind in Process Support
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NTa596uX ... ture=email

9. Desteni I Process is Leadership Training

1. BEGINNING of Creation

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Husband Hacked Wife to Death in a Fit of Rage


‘’He hacked her up, cutting “pieces of meat” out of her as if he was cutting up a carcass fDissPicor cooking, angered family members of a Zimbabwean woman whose killer got an eight- year prison sentence for her murder, said on Tuesday. ‘’ – Daily news

The wife moved in with her sister, because the husband and wife had marital problems. On December 13 2009 he went to see her and saw another man leaving the house. He confronted his wife about the man. He told the court that his wife told him that men were paying her to have sex and that she was no longer his wife.

He then got angry, ran back his home and fetched a panga and then returned and started cutting her, she ran and he followed,  keeping on cutting her.

He fled the scene and tried three times to commit suicide before he handed himself over to police. He said he feels immense regret for what he did.

These horrific incidents are on the rise. Events were people become completely possessed  and kill. Most think that thoughts are harmless, but these events are thoughts made manifest and if you allow it within yourself there will be consequences. 

You have the thought -  the feeling /emotion – then the physical action.

At Desteni and Desteni I Process tools are available where one can learn how to stop this vicious cycle of abuse and how to ‘‘clean up the mess ‘’ that is inside ourselves so that we can be free from any from of possession.

I have been actively involved with Desteni for over 5 years and there are many many other standing and changing to become that which is best for all. This is were actual change is – and is done for oneself . Have a look.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

I learned to Breath


We live in a world were waiting 20 minutes in a flash2line or getting stuck in traffic for an hour seems to be a long time. We are used to getting results fast and when we don't we get impatient.

This creates the idea that when something takes long and results are not seen soon then something is wrong or not working. This applies to change.

In this process of changing myself I realized that it takes time. And you don't see results fast. We tend to want to give up if something takes longer than a week a month – not realizing what is involved with change. For me to change the personality called Fidelis when first started Desteni must cease to exist. That is the point of reprogramming yourself and writing self to freedom. A personality develops in the first 7 years of life – how long will it take to change that? That depends on me.

The point here is that it will take as long as it takes – Patience is really a virtue. Part of being a Destonian is that we are breathers – in the end that is all we have – Breath and dedication. Being patient depends on how well you breathe.

So I take this one breathe at a time until it is done. Join us at the Desteni I process to learn how to breathe while making serious money.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

I want to be (a)Life when I grow up.


If we have a look at the focal point of the current world system we can see it is to become someone successful – in other words to make money to live.

What do you want to be when you grow up?career-choices

Most of us get asked this question. It always irritated me and made me anxious, because I had no idea what I want to do. Those luckily enough(those with money) who get asked this question have quite a list of careers. The focus here is to choose something that will make enough money to support yourself.

But let us have a look at what is happening – The only option we have is to make money. We don’t really have any choice. We have to survive. We have conditioned and limited ourselves in order to be effective in this world economic system. And in this game of survivor we have lost ourselves. What is the point of Life if it all about surviving? Shouldn’t the point of Life be to Live?

Learn to Become Lifedip

Why can’t the answer to ‘’What do you want to be’’ be Life. That option does not exist in our educational system. To become Life is not exist anywhere. You can’t make money out of it.

There is only one course that offers the option to Become Life AND make MONEY – Desteni I Process

Follow the Link and see how to become unconditioned and end all limitations while getting a substantial amount of income to become that which has been long forgotten – Life.

A way to End this cycle of abuse in the name of surviving is a new world economic system – namely the Equal Money System.

With the Equal Money System you are born as Life. And Life will for the first time in human history be honoured.

Don’t wait until it’s too late – Investigate Equal Money System. ems

Why Sex Sells–Why We Just Cant Get Enough.


Sex. We live for it. Will do almoford_091207st everything for it. We are automasex-sells-lynxtically drawn to it. It is used everywhere in advertising to catch our attention to buy stuff. And it is accepted as OK to exploit us.

We are programmed to be directed by desire and will follow this pursuit for love. Love and sex go hand in hand. When you see a woman that you like what attracted to first was the looks and thus the possible sex you can have with this woman. Be selfhonest.

Nothing to do with personality – We have supressed ourselves with the idea of ‘’being civil’’, but underneath it all lurks the horny fuck constantly looking for the next best elevation of ecstasy.

And the advertising companies know allot more than the general public do about human nature and how to exploit it. It has been working for a very very long time. Which places the individual in a bit of a dilemma – how can you stop being exploited by others? Stop being controlled and brainwashed? Just how does one get unaffected by any kind of manipulation and exploitation?

With the Desteni I Process Online course. Where we learn to become that which has long been forgotten – Life.

Cant Exploit that which does not exist within you.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Girl shoots dad with arrow over Cellphone


A 15 year old girl shot her dad with an arrow after he grounded and took her cellphone away. bow-and-arrow-embroidery-8

You know those thoughts in your head where you get back at someone, or have fights in your head with someone or imagine doing serious harm to a particular person? With these thoughts there are usually anger and rage attached. Eventually these accumulate and compound until one day you snap, become completely possessed with all that rage and anger and you act it out.

We are not taught how to deal with these kind of problems. Most are taught what is ‘’good’’ and what is ‘’bad’’, but that still doesn't stop the thoughts and how you feel about a particular situation or person.

How can you stop this from happening? The Desteni I Process provides tools where we become self directed. Not allowing those thoughts to even exist within you. Where you can effectively direct any event in your life.

Including getting financially stable. With a ‘’learn while you earn’’ approach you can make some serious money.

Follow this link to direct every aspect of your life – Desteni I Process


Sunday, 22 May 2011

It Itches–Therefore I Scratch

I have created a habit of scratching the back of my neck. It really itches sometimes and that is why i scratch it.
But why does it itch? If I go back and look at my thoughts to the moments where My neck start to itch I see that it is moments where I don't Direct myself effectively, usually moments of indecision.
So now it has become an automated action of scratching. I stop this by stopping the thoughts by directing myself in the moment.

So we create the habits – we have to look at all the actions we make, even the smallest ones to make sure that it is self directed.  You will be surprised how many little things go unnoticed.

Join the Desteni I process to become self directed as well as self sufficient by making money while you are perfecting yourself.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

The Saviour complex

Since I was a child I wanted to be a hero. That was because of the TV shows I watched with friends like ‘’Power Rangers’’ and other comics. They made it look so cool, and since then I thought it would be cool to save somebody.

I used to fantasise imaginary events where there is someone in trouble, usually a girl I liked, and I come to the rescue and is then admired by the girl – your typical Hero situation exploited everywhere.

When I was in high school I enjoyed listening to my friend’s issues and problems they had and help anyway I could – It made me feel good and needed. I still imagined scenarios few times daily where I save somebody – it was one of my favourite pass times.

When it was time for me to choose a new member to the farm, a dog, I went searching. And when I saw the picture of timeless something inside me clicked in place and we got her. Only after we got Timeless did we see that she had the problem with her leg.

(Timeless ‘s Story: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AtKqSQ8QQVE&feature=watch_response).She needed saving.

We make decisions based on who we are at the moment of the choice. And at that time I still had the desire to save somebody in some way. My Structural resonance of that time and my desire to save were some of the factors involved in the decision to get her.

It shows that who we are dictates our lives. I am not saying that we should not assist people, but to look at the starting point. For me that was to feel good, to feel appreciated and needed and loved. I wanted that because I didn’t appreciate myself, didn’t value myself. With my participation of the Desteni I Process I have realized that I don’t need others to validate me, that I can give myself that which I seek from others.

Then my starting point to assist people isn’t to get some kind of reward, but to genuinely assist someone, because that is what I would have liked for myself. I see the value of assistance and where it got me and without it I wouldn’t have been where I am now. Without some assistance to sort out our bullshit we would all be stuck living the same abusive patterns. The tools of Desteni I Process and the support from all the participants are of great assistance to sort out myself. It is what you get with a group of people dedicated to sort out this world starting with self.

Join Desteni I Process.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

I Breathe Life

When I first came to Desteni I was a zombie. The silent type, introvert and had no clear plans for the future. If I had to explain my experience of myself back then it was as if I was standing back inside myself – almost like sitting back and watching a movie. I did not participate really and avoided conversations with people. All this was the aftermath of not wanting to feel again when my mother died.

So since participating with Desteni I have had and have a lot of support that assisted me with these points. I was able to realize that the reason for my zombie state depression was because of my mother and was able to move past that. I would never have made that connection on a conscious level and probably would have ended up drifting through life as a lifeless body – or killed myself.

I was able to breathe life into me again and I could see my eyes become alive as I experienced myself for the first time in many years. I could feel myself as I moved through my body and was amazed at the simplicity of the words I spoke and understand – I am Here.

With the tools of the Desteni I Process I gave myself Life, I moved on. I realized points within myself that I never would have considered possible. I am the creator of myself and all my experiences and have been redesigning myself so that I can be effective in everything I do.

I Found myself - Desteni I Process

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Unarmed Woman Shot outside police Station by cop

A Woman drove into the back of a police patrol van just outside Kempton Park police station. The car guard ran into the station to report the accident. The sergeant then walked out of the station for 30, calmly approaching the woman's car. He stopped at the passenger window, pulled out his gun and fired a single shot into her upper body. He then walked back into the police station.

Seconds later he comes back outside to have a proper look at the woman he shot, the car guard insisted he should call an ambulance but the cop replied:'' She is dying already, there is no point in calling the ambulance.''

This is a example of manifested backchat. When you keep on having fights in your head with someone, or take something personally and snap at someone in anger, you fuel this anger. Then one day you simply snap and get completely possessed by this anger and you lash out - having devastating consequences.

To stop this from happening we need to stop the urge to snap at people and stop thoughts that will eventually manifest into an event. The Desteni I process has the tools that we can use to assist ourselves with stopping abusive behavior so that such events as mentioned above doesn't happen. Where one can be the directive principle in your life.

My experience with backchat so far was that when i take something personally i reacted immediately with anger, usually trying to get back at the person with mean words or in my head I make sure they come out second best. But that anger got worse overtime. I managed to get to a point where i stop participating in it, meaning that i used to be angry for most the day before i calmed down.
Now when the thoughts come up i stop them, and I don't wallow in for most the day.

So if you experience any thing similar to this, know that if you don't stop it completely, eventually you will become it and the consequences will be dire.
Join the Desteni I process

Monday, 25 April 2011

Faith like Avocados

Since I was child I liked growing things and watching them grow. I worked in the garden with my mother. The first tree I remember growing was an Avocado.

The simplicity in this is what fascinated me, because by placing the Avocado pit with three tooth picks and halfway in water it will start to develop roots. I liked following the progress, as the pit splits and a root comes out and then the top side comes out with the first set of leaves.

I had two of them growing and when they were finally big enough we planted them out in the garden. Shortly after that we went on holiday, but my father could not come with so we asked him to water them. Can’t remember how long we were away or were we went, but when we came back both trees were dead. I was quite upset and found out that my father forgot to water them.

Now what happened to me there was that I made a connection to the avocado tree as being fragile, and since then there was anxiety within me when working with plants and trees. I became overly protective, because I didn’t want them to die.

As well as a connection to my father that I can’t trust him with a task like this. These were unconscious thoughts and happened in that one moment and I lived by that even now as I’m writing this. I never saw this before.
I didn’t try and grow another avocado tree after that, but it was still my favorite
I did try once again after about 10 years and had ended up having a 2m high avocado tree, but had to move so I never saw it grow bigger. I did go back a to check up on it, but the new owners had it cut down. Lol. I was a bit angry at that.

Before we came to the farm I had another go at three Avocado pits. One died of shock soon after planting. Another died of carelessness and being accidentally cut by a grass cutter.
And one Still remains and is growing steadily standing about 1.2m high.

Here on the farm we have lots and lots of fruit trees. We wanted to grow lots of avocado, but fascinating enough, they all died save for one.
If I look at my experience with fruit trees I had that anxiety every time I worked with them – overly careful when pruning, always afraid of giving to much water and not enough water - because I saw them as fragile and didn’t want them to die. If someone else did something to the tree without me knowing about it I would get very angry at that person. I saw the trees as my trees and as long as I know what’s going on I have control.

For 16 years that single event dictated how I will interact with trees. And it was an idea, a perception, a believe according to my current understanding when I was young.

This is so for many points in our lives. We live according to how we programmed ourselves when we grew up. And it is not supportive.
With the Desteni I Process I see these points. Look at events on my life and how it has affected my daily living and then reprogram myself to stop it dictating my life and directing me.

Then I become the director in my life by writing my own script.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

I am the Creator – cannot Blame Another

A point that I have come to realize is the meaning of self responsibility.

When I started with Desteni I always thought things were happening TO me. That It was something else making me feel depressed or angry. I always held the other person responsible for either hurting me or making me feel a certain way.

I started to see that I am the one feeling the emotion, I created it. People do not poses the power to induce a emotion in me, it a act I am doing alone. A phrase that stood out for me was in a book that Bernard Wrote called ‘‘have a virus-free mind’’ and it said something

Nobody can do anything to you unless you allow it.

That is common sense, yet I didn’t see this before. I based my life on the idea that stuff was happening to me – when in fact I am responsible for me and all that goes on inside of me, I can’t blame another for what I have created.

For example I broke up a relationship a while ago and there was that sense of loss that goes with most break ups. Because the other person made me feel good, accepted me for who I was and made me feel special and wanted.

Now with that person gone all these things go with it. Now, I am responsible for what I feel and it has NOTHING to do with the other person. What I saw was that I craved for acceptance, because I didn’t accept myself. I wanted love because I could give it to myself. But I created those feelings and emotions. It’s like shooting yourself in the foot and blaming the ammo manufacturer – You loaded the gun and pulled the trigger.

So through the Desteni I process I came to realize this point in terms of self-responsibility and how blaming others for what I feel is ridiculous.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Make Money and Stop addictions with Desteni I process

Within walking this process I learned that there is a BIG difference between saying and doing.
About a year ago I was taking on stopping smoking. I told myself that I am going to stop, but everyday i found some excuse not to stop and ended up smoking. I started to see that what i was doing was not keeping to my word.

I was tired of not being able to keep to my word and felt powerless. So then I told myself i am going to stop - And i stood by it.

And this can be done with other addictions.
It takes self discipline.

Join The Desteni I process - A tool to live effectively in this world by becoming financially stable and assist with personal development.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Be Financially Stable - Join Desteni I process

The Desteni I process is a Life coaching product designed to achieve stability in this world.
Let us have a look at what we basically need to achieve this:

We need money to be financially stable.
We need personal stability so that we can function and interact effectively in this world.

The Desteni I Process provides these tools that can be practically applied by everyone - and from the comfort of our homes. 

Join me and many others and earn extra income - visit Desteni I process for more information

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

To Become Perfect - Join the Desteni I Process

From childhood we observe the world around us, form a perception about it and live accordingly. We adapt behavior patterns on an unconscious level that becomes  part of our personality.  

Its like action and reaction. When this happens, i must react like this.When somebody says this, i must reply with this. And throughout  our lives we  have programmed ourselves into who we are today.

Almost all of our behavior patterns are not supporting what is best for all, meaning it is either actions that are based on self interest or are abuse to ourselves and\or others. We say nasty things to others deep in our secret minds.

We justify these actions saying that its just who I am. But that can change.

With the Desteni I process tools are provided were you take responsibility for your self. Look at all the behavior patterns, thoughts , feelings and emotions that are not supportive to you and others and stop them.
Not only stop them but redesign yourself into somebody who is effective.

It is a total reprogramming of self so that my actions are that which I would like it to be, always. And as you go through this course you can make an income by sharing your process.

So you become perfect and you get money for doing it.

 To become Perfect and achieve financial stability - Desteni I process

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Know Thyself with Desteni I Process

Why is it that we don't know what is happening inside ourselves? Why do we need Psychologist to show us why we do the things we do?

You would think that since this is my body, I am the one moving , thinking and feeling I should be able to express myself, reach into my subconscious and see what is going on in there, direct myself and know myself. But our actions shows otherwise, we are not able to direct ourselves, but are directed by feelings and emotions.

We have accepted who and how we are, saying that its who i am. But seldom who I would like to be.

With the Desteni I process you reach inside of you and learn to know yourself. You find the answers to why you are the way you are and how to change yourself to become more effective in assisting and supporting yourself, And others. Also gaining financial stability doing all this online at home.

To Know Thyself - Desteni I process

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Desteni I Process solves all your problems

  • Why do you always make the same mistakes and just cant seem to stop falling in the same patterns?
  • No matter how hard you try you cant get over somebody.
  • Why are you always attracted to the same kind of person?
  • Why are you angry\sad\frustrated\ all the time?
  • Why is it so dam hard to express what you really feel?
  • Why do you give up easily?
  • Why worry about money if you don't have to?

What will surprise you is that you can find the answers to these questions and allot more about yourself in yourself.
Here is how: www.desteniiprocess.com

Thursday, 24 March 2011

I Smell the Past

I walked in the mall the other day and as i walked past someone the smell of their perfume stirred a feeling within me.

Now feelings are activated by thoughts and this particular one was a memory of a long ago girlfriend who used similar perfume. And it took me back to those days and left me with a sense of longing. Which indicated that i have attached her to this smell along with memories related to her. All in one moment of that smelling.

So it was interesting to observe how a smell can effect me - or rather the link I attached to that smell.
And its so with allot of things. The smell of the ocean takes me back to my days of surfing.

The sames goes for pictures, sounds basic perceptions we have formed through our lives.
A fragrance is a fragrance, as Matti Freeman says, a cup is just a cup.

Change the perception you change the person.

The Desteniiprocess  assists with cutting those ties we have formed and brings you here, where a cup is just a cup, the real practical world where we can see what is real.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Self Change Support

In doing the desteniiprocess, changing behavior patterns is one of the things you deal with.Things like reacting when people say something, getting angry, giving up when faced with certain events, basically the personality.

Now to change that behavior into something that would be supportive to self and others requires discipline,because its like a addiction, you keep on wanting to continue in the same pattern. Real change comes when the new program becomes part of you. And you automatically follow the new pattern.

The difficult part is to stop the old program, because if you give into it once, you have to start again. Be it a single thought or picture or feeling, you have to stop it as soon as it arises, because that is the old program being activated. In stopping it you can give way for the new program.

What also assists is to establish a reason why you are doing what you are doing. A starting point. It must be clear otherwise everything will fall apart.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Why are we surviving? Seriously?

Its in our blood, the need to survive. No matter how many wars or diseases came our way, we humans managed to survive. From the early caveman days we needed food and other sustenance to survive. Now we need money to survive.
That was a collective decision. Agreed to greed and desires, blamed it on our nature as natural.

Now we are in quite a mess with half the world living in shit, dying with no shit, because people want more shit and only caring about their own shit.

It doesn't have to be like this. We don't need to survive anymore - we need to live.
With an equal money system we can live.

Friday, 11 March 2011

Is this world worth saving?

The majority would say no, and the few that say yes are the lucky ones.

I have had a good life so far, so personally I have nothing to complain about. But when I look at  how most of the people live in this earth, and when i start to see how people truly are, i cant help be disgusted by it.

I know from experience what humanity really is, we are a sick species out to fulfill our inner desires no matter the cost. As long as we get what we want, nothing else matters.

Then comes the question - What would I do to change the world into something worth saving? Worth Living in?

What needs to be done.

It starts with me.

The Desteni ''I''Process  assist with changing self, so that we see how our behavior is abusing ourselves and others and our world. It shows and teaches how one can be self directive and effectively change behavior so that it is supportive, for self and others and the world.

For more details: www.desteniiprocess.com

Friday, 4 March 2011

Just Tomorrow Everything will be OK

Tomorrow Everything will be OK.

Listen to this as you read:

There is a hope that just tomorrow everything will change and be ok.
I don't have to do anything because something else will solve it for me.
There is hope that  will wake up tomorrow and everything will be fine.

I am here today, and tomorrow i will be here today so i will be the same, i will feel the same.

Common sense here dictates that If I don't change something today it wont change tomorrow

Fake greeting Fake

Where is the real people? We have become secluded and we hide from each other in fear of each other. Money has made us see how far we will go to get what we want.

At the shops till counter there is a sticker on the till workers desk that reminds them how to engage a customer.

It has steps that says to greet the customer with a smile and ask how are you? Shit like that.

Its apparently good manners, but what it really is is fake, deceitful. Two fakes not expressing their natural self expression.
We all hide from each other. And put up faces to fit in or to survive.

We live in a Dog Eat Dog world because of money.
If we no longer need money to survive then we can focus on our Lifes.

What would our natural self expression be - with an equal money system we can find out.

Being on constant guard - Anticipating the worst

The world is out to get me. And I'm constantly tested in every moment. I have to watch what i say and analyze the actions and words of others to find the true meaning. I cannot answer a question without thinking about it and making sure I am taking everything into consideration when answering. Decision making is difficult because i want to make sure I don't miss something.
I am on constant guard to make sure that nothing can hurt me.

Now walking around like this constantly analyzing every action, feeling tensed up inside has consequences. I noticed that throughout my day i unconsciously tense up my stomach muscles, and it stays tense automatically. I am finding it difficult to stop, because the only to not be so tense is to relax, and i am not relaxing.

Another side effect of being on guard and feeling tensed up inside is that I'm constipated.

I went through this experience before and what i did was stop anticipating and being here, and as i breathe i move through my body, feeling myself flowing through all parts of my body so that i can relax the muscles. I did that an the constipation went away.

But then i went back into the same pattern, so time-looped and here i am again.

I Stand

And I am Here again.     

LAXative -  reLAX