Saturday, 28 May 2011

Why Sex Sells–Why We Just Cant Get Enough.


Sex. We live for it. Will do almoford_091207st everything for it. We are automasex-sells-lynxtically drawn to it. It is used everywhere in advertising to catch our attention to buy stuff. And it is accepted as OK to exploit us.

We are programmed to be directed by desire and will follow this pursuit for love. Love and sex go hand in hand. When you see a woman that you like what attracted to first was the looks and thus the possible sex you can have with this woman. Be selfhonest.

Nothing to do with personality – We have supressed ourselves with the idea of ‘’being civil’’, but underneath it all lurks the horny fuck constantly looking for the next best elevation of ecstasy.

And the advertising companies know allot more than the general public do about human nature and how to exploit it. It has been working for a very very long time. Which places the individual in a bit of a dilemma – how can you stop being exploited by others? Stop being controlled and brainwashed? Just how does one get unaffected by any kind of manipulation and exploitation?

With the Desteni I Process Online course. Where we learn to become that which has long been forgotten – Life.

Cant Exploit that which does not exist within you.

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