Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Day 147 - I Have Graves Disease


I did the blood test and went to the doctor for my 6 weekly checkup to see how my body is responding to the medicine and my thyroid. The results came in and showed that the hormone levels are stabilizing, but not yet to where we want it. It also confirmed the cause of my hyperthyroidism - Graves Disease.

So we discussed the next step and goals for the future anburyicon d what options i have. The options I have are taking RadioactiveIodine pills. The thyroid is the only organ than absorbs iodine so with the pills being radioactive it kills part of the thyroid. The risks here are that it could completely kill my thyroid and  i would have to be on thyroid pills for the rest of my life - not an option i would want to take.

Another option is surgery - removing the poor thing. Taking out the thyroid/part of it. it leaves you with a sexy scar on your neck and may cause your voice to become hoarse and also has the risk of needing thyroid medication for the rest of your life.

The last option and my personal favorite is continue the medication I have that blocks the thyroid. Initially i had to take quite allot of pills, but now I can take allot less. This continues for 6 weeks then i do another blood test to check what my thyroid is doing and from there adjust the medication until we find a balance. Then after a year or two I go off it and see if my body stopped attacking my thyroid.

Graves Disease is an autoimmune disease where the body starts attacking/fighting itself in this case the thyroid. This causes the thyroid to start overproducing and become overactive. As to why the body suddenly decides to see the thyroid as a threat the medical industry does not know - it happens. I was disappointed and a bit 'gatvol' when i heard the news, but i was not surprised. I have always been unlucky - on the farm there actually a name for it '' the curse of the fidelis''. But instead of being sensitive about this ill am sensible. The results I got means I am improving and that I am getting somewhere. I feel allot better physically than I did 6 weeks ago and im not a skeleton anymore. I also got some of my strength back - I carried a 30 kg bag all by myself, although it felt like I was carrying a 50kg cement bag.

So there the update on what is currently happening in my life and the possible future that lays before me. What i find interesting is that we chose to write about me always fighting myself - lol - and today I hear my body is fighting itself, because of Graves disease.


  1. Interesting Fidelis, I also have autoimmune disease, which obviously within the design of the disease is fighting itself, and so you can look at if you haven't yet where in your world you are fighting yourself, sabotaging yourself, and not allowing you to express as you want in the moment. I found myself allot suppressing and sabotaging myself due to many self judgments I hold of who i am especially based on my look and feelings of inferiority based on past happenings, i write about this often in my blogs if you want to check out, otherwise good 'luck' with everything, and i hope the results turns out in your favor in the next round of tests. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Feedailys!

  3. Good to hear you feel better physically and not being a skeleton anymore. Those auto-immune diseases are intricate mind-physical relationships. Thanks a lot for sharing!

  4. thanks fidelis for sharing!