Sunday, 23 September 2012

Holocaust Victims - Caused By Law Of Attraction?


This is a response to Abraham hicks - The Missing piece

In this video a guy is asking questions about the world and the suffering where Abraham hicks answers. She basically is a believer in the Law of attraction where all humans actually attract their own suffering. Ignorance_is_Bliss____by_start_static

What really alarmed me was when the guy asked about the Holocaust  where millions were killed and went through unimaginable suffering in which Abraham hicks generally avoided the question. She said that if each inner vibration is happy and joyful you will attract it and if you are miserable and paying attention to the suffering in this world then you will attract misery.

So what Abraham hicks is saying that the Jew Holocaust victims in a sense chose to be placed in gas chambers and the suffering they went through, because their inner experience didn't vibrate goodness and joy.

In this then what Abraham hicks is basically saying is that if a 5 year old girl gets kidnapped and raped its because she attracted it? Really? Also she said that you should not feel the pain others are feeling, because they are actually ok - they are coping with starving, raping, genocide so your pain is actually worse than theirs. Abraham hicks have no idea what it feels like being forced to kill your own mother and then forced to join in the children army where its kill or get killed. People like to believe that you should not feel pain for others and that they do not really feel so much pain, because it gives people an excuse not to actually do something about it. Its VERY easy to ignore something. All very CONvenient for the LOA people.

Its like a fire - there is a fire busy burning down your room - its a bad fire - so you choose to ignore it. The fire will not stop just because your not thinking about it, its going to burn down your house. Just like suffering in this world - if you keep on ignoring it it will simply continue!!!

The guy in answering the questions was right to question and had very practical valid points. Unfortunately Abraham hicks is very clever in avoiding and side stepping such questions. The Guy wanted answers to this world - he saw that LOA is not a solution to this world.

This is how LOA it works - always look at the behavior of what you are doing to see if it has an impact and always cross reference with the world:

You think happy thoughts, ignore bad ones and suffering - basically ignore the world. Make sure you feel happy so that you vibrate happiness and joy within yourself. Then your world becomes a happy place. YOUR world becomes a happy place. YOUR WOLRD ALONE!

Obviously if you ignore and suppress the real world everything will seem fine. The proof that LOA is not a world solution is right there on the news. The problems in the world are escalating, because nothing is being done. Its gets ignored by most people who believe they can change the world by feeling good. It does nothing. Look around you.ignorance_is_bliss_Wallpaper_i0iq

The world is in shit, because of those who were her before us. Because of us here now accepting the choices made by those who had the power to create the world system as it exist today. That we need money to survive - that a piece of paper, a number in a system has power over life and death. Without money you die - with money you live.

This is unacceptable - you will only change your perspective of YOUR own bubble you call your world with LOA, but The problems in this world sill still exist. You don't end starvation with feeling good - you end it with food.

Stop doing nothing and make permanent solutions to the world and all its suffering and abuse a reality - practical REAL solutions!!! Go to the Equal MONOEY website and join in on the creation of a new world like it should be. Be part of the change and give your ideas on solutions to the worlds problems and share it others.


  1. I can't really agree with you. I have been reading the books by Hicks and giving a lot of thought to this matter lately. You write: "You think happy thoughts, ignore bad ones and suffering - basically ignore the world. Make sure you feel happy so that you vibrate happiness and joy within yourself. Then your world becomes a happy place. YOUR world becomes a happy place. YOUR WOLRD ALONE!" But then, is there any other world? The only world you know is the world you perceive with your own eyes and from your own perspective. We cannot even be sure of anything, except for what we believe we percieve. Every living creature has their own world - a very subjective one. You alone cannot change the world, even large groups of people can't. All you can change is yourself. I think it's a good point to start with. I don't even know how I could try to change the world for others, how could I be sure what others truly want from their own worlds and lifes? What sense does it make to focus on the suffering in the world? There was always some suffering, as long as humanity exists there will be. Do we change anything by focusing on suffering? No. We only begin to suffer ourselves. I don't think that LOA says not to help other people, of course we can help, especially that it is a thing which makes us feel really good. But we should focus on the good aspect of things. And the real change has to be done inside of each and every one of us, not from the outside.
    I hope I've made myself clear, I'm not a native speaker of English... All the best to you and I wish you more faith for the New Year!

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