Sunday, 9 September 2012

Day 88 - Change with Desteni: Leadership through Self Trust


My last blog I wrote about how I have developed a from of self trust and became a person confident within certain tasks. motion gears -team force

When working with something new where I have no idea what to do or how to do it I go into a point of doubt and uncertainty. Then there is a leaning curve with some mistakes maybe and eventually the task is complete. Then after completing this new thing I then know how to do it which makes it easier the next time. And then eventually it becomes natural and i am confident doing it and have self trust.

Living on a farm with other people is awesome  - so much you can learn about yourself and others. Who do you usually go to when you have a question on how to do something? The best person is somebody who already did it and thus knows how to. And have a look at how you listen to every detail when the person is telling/showing you ho to do this new task. You listen to the person and do what he is telling you so you can do the new task - Authority That is what happened to me. I did allot of tasks on the farm and went through the self doubt, struggle and eventually learned how to do certain tasks for example throwing cement. And thus I became confident and its that confidence and self trust that people see and then they listen. If There is a person who need to then throwing cement and do not know how they are going to ask me. and then after tine they will trust themselves and become confident.

When I say authority I do not mean without question or final say military style authority. Having True Authority is when you have absolute certainty and confidence - and then directing others through common sense and what is best for all. So Authority comes from doing something and understanding it and then directing others - and they will listen because of your self trust and confidence and when others see for themselves that what you showed them works and is true then they will trust you. 

And then with all of this you get leadership. Where others come to you for advice, because you have proven to them that you do indeed know what you are talking about. And then overtime they become leaders - and then they teach others to become leaders and so forth.

So this was my process so far regarding self trust. Before Desteni I was a a silent type go with the flow kind of guy full of self doubt and hopeless uncertainty. And now I am in a position of leadership and developed self trust and confidence and am still building this to become effective within everything do - thanks to Desteni


A typical example of how to throw cement...

pals throw stones

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