Friday, 7 September 2012

Day 87 - Change with assistance from Desteni: Self Trust 3


This is a continuation of how I learnt to trust myself with help from Desteni. Part 2 is here.


With hands on earth work I learnt self trust and how to become confident within what I do. Today i will write about the inside process of change - for example working through emotions and feelings like depression, anxiety, fear etc.hardwork1

Just like the physical work and a new project that i am doing - working through new points and changing myself i am faced with lots of fear and self doubt. Its a whole new point and i have no idea how to get past it. I do not know if i will be able to do it. I have no self trust within myself when facing this new project - these are the usual thoughts that come up when facing a new point.

As I mentioned in my previous post i am a 'go with the flow'' guy. I never questioned my feelings and emotions and why i like certain things or why i do certain things. For example i was depressed in school - and through all the pain and anger I never even considered that i created the depression and that i have the power to end it. Everything always happened to ME - where it should have been I always have choice within it - I create what happens inside of me.

So when it came to actually changing myself so that i can stop being angry at the world and blaming others - I had zero trust within myself. How could i have when i never proved to myself that I am able to let go and change? But that should not be a reason to not do it. Self trust must be built and be consistent and proven over and over.

This is taken from my previous blog:

'''And after many projects there is a patter forming - that no matter the project I was able to do it''

The same happens to working through anger, depression, jealousy, self judgement etc. After a while a pattern starts forming and i have realized a point of stability within myself. That all the points i have faced i was able to move past it. I realized that no matter what point i am faced with or going to face - i have the power to move past it. Self trust and confidence. There are still some points where i go ''O shit! what do i do''. And when something seems too big or i doubt myself I go to the point of stability - that i have the power, thanks to Desteni.

With self forgiveness, self honesty and self corrective application you are able to change any point within yourself ***.

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Authority with self trust?! find out more in the next blog. Exclusively on this blog(and other sharing sites)

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