Thursday, 6 September 2012

Day 86 - Change with assistance from Desteni: Self Trust


Yesterday i wrote about how I changed regarding work - see here for part 1

IM seeing myself now and then how was before Desteni and allot has changed within images me - all for the better. Today i looked back and who I was and I was always the silent type who did not know the meaning of self trust and confidence.

I was a go with flow person - meaning I will never start and argument or disagree with something if it meant I will be challenged. So it was easier for me to not stand out too much. There were allot of other reasons why I was a silent type which i wont be covering in this particular post, I'm going to focus on how I changed from being completely without self trust and a silent push around guy to someone giving direction to others  and showing leadership skills with the help of Desteni tools.

The farm is such a awesome place - you'd never think that a piece of land can teach you so much - with effective guidance form others. So the first things you need to be able to exercise any from of leadership skills is self trust - without it you will never become directive. The problem i found with self trust is that before you can trust yourself you have to proof to yourself that you can indeed trust yourself.

For me it started with the physical farm work - I will be faced with a task that I have no idea how to do it - and because of that i will go into doubt and fear wondering if i will screw this project up. After some research and advice from those that do know we eventually got the job done. Lets say this project was laying a concrete floor slab. Now I can lay a concrete floor slab - I have proven to myself that i am able to do this and thus i can now trust that I can do this.

The same with building with bricks - when I first started i had no idea how to do this and i went into fear and doubt and allot of frustration. But when was done i could then trust myself that I am able to this and thus be confident within doing this. I have built self trust within myself.

wh_confidence_hero_16fgq92-16fgqafAnd after many projects there is a patter forming - that no matter the project I was able to do it - and some i totally sucked at - but then i know what i am good at and what I am not good at. With simply working in the physical I have developed a point within myself that I did not have before. I also had the perfect environment with people who are dedicated to assist and support each other which made this process of self trust more effective and faster.

That is why it is so important to change our current world system that dictates our environment to a new system that supports everyone. Then we have an effective environment where people can learn to develop themselves> in todays world people do not have time to develop themselves - too busy making ends meet and In an Equal Money System that will no longer be a achievement or something to strife for. Everybody will have and thus will have time to learn about themselves.


More tomorrow

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