Tuesday, 7 February 2012

2012 Don't Wait for Higher Powers: Use The Do-It-Yourself Ascension Kit


Isn't It frustrating that you have to wait? Do you ever Wonder if what you are doing is good enough? Will you be granted ascension rights after all you hard work?

How about the waiting for the SHIFT – Will you be granted the power of understanding and achieve a higher consciousness? What if the cosmos grants you unworthy?

I propose a solution – and alternative where you are the one who determines your future. Where you no longer have to wait and wonder what if you miss it – the shift – or what if you left behind. For the first time you direct your life. I will share with you the power to place your life in your own hands.

Where you Become the Master of your Own Desteni.

You can join me with many others who are learning to become the masters of their life here  - the Desteni I Process.

With the tools of the Desteni I process you will learn how you became who you are and then how to change who you are to become more effective and to develop an awareness of life that has not been considered possible. Where you can become immune to mass media manipulation and not be directed by anyone but yourself.

Imagine that – YOUR life in YOUR hands. You can start the SHIFT into common sense awareness that is not only practical but also doable along with many others doing the Desteni I process.

So don't wait until its too late. Stop worrying and start learning with us. We are also designing a new world system where no being has to suffer needlessly – the Equal Money System – so that you wont even need to ascend anymore, because as one group together we will make this world a place where nobody would want to leave. True heaven on earth.

Go to Desteni.org and join us in the forum discussions

Here you can read about Realizations some of those had walking a process towards a free world:

Saturday, 4 February 2012

2012 - How I was able to hear the Desteni message

So I’m the Portal’s brother. I’ll start with a short history to show what kind of background we came from and how I knew without any doubt that the Desteni massage is real and a solution that everyone who wants to see change in this world must consider.

I was born and raised a Christian along with my sisters. My original language is Afrikaans so we were a typical Afrikaans Christian family. I never bothered with sci-fi, paranormal, otherworldly stuff or looked for aliens. I simply didn’t believe any of the stuff. I never even heard of mediums until I was 18. I never heard of ascension or the white light and knew nothing of new Age or spiritual masters. I didn’t even believe in demons. Only that Satan makes us sin and Jesus forgives them. I was a typical afrikaaner who believed I will go to heaven if I’m good and that God and Jesus loves me.

If I looked back at my childhood and summed it up and looked at the overall experience – it was really good. We were one of the lucky ones – we had both parents who raised us well and were always in a stable environment.

The death of our mother marked a change that affected us all in surprisingly different ways. For me I simply shut down and suppressed my feelings and ‘’suffered in silence’’. Basically I hid myself from others.

It was then when I started to see that something is wrong with what I believed in. I still didn’t wonder where I go when I die. I was either going to hell or cease to exist when I die. It didn’t really give a shit. I knew one thing – life is really messed up and there doesn’t seem to be a way to make it any better.

I met Bernard through sunette who was already living with the group for a while. What was fascinating about Bernard the first time I met him is that he gave a look - Like he could see inside me. Which I didn’t like back then because I was an introvert – hiding myself from others. I didn’t want people to see me or know how I feel. But if I look at it now the real point was that I didn’t even know what was really going on inside me. So the fact that he could see through me was very interesting. How can he know more about me than I do?

So I would say that caused the first spark of curiosity and why I wanted to find out more.

It was only after a few months of living with the group – and back then the group was small and we didn’t have a website yet – that I started to get a glimpse of how trapped we really are and how limited as well. And how I knew nothing about myself and what I knew wasn’t real – lol. I was very sceptical about it all at first. But one thing I could not deny was that the fact that the portal was real. That my sister actually left her body and other beings came through into her body. I knew it was real because I know my sister. The words the beings spoke and all the things they shared it was impossible for her to know all of it – because I grew up with her and never in our lives had we access to anything like it. We didn’t even know about channelling. Another thing that fascinated me is that the beings could see right inside you and could explain in an instant in extreme detail points within me I never shared with anyone and some I wasn’t even aware off. And to top it off they added support on how to deal with it - And to top that off in a way I could understand it and apply it. It was with these tools I got over my depression and faced many other points.

And the perspectives each of the beings shared was amazing. It was shocking to learn how little we really knew. There is a massive problem in this world and nobody is even aware of it.We are all trapped in our own little bubbles.

I remember Bernard asking a question – ‘’How do we get people to listen to something they don’t want to hear?’’. And that is what the group of Desteni have been busy with. Everyday consistently in whatever way spreading practical common sense. Back then it was a small group. This small group took me in and gave me support all the way and I have had the privilege to see it grow. And in the 5 years I have been participating I never came across any other group or ‘’answer’’ that considered EVERYTHING. A solution for the human to become educated and self directed to never again be able to be manipulated or deceived by self or others. And solution for earth where we can live in a world were all beings are considered and we live by what is best for all.

Another point about Desteni and the message of Desteni is that no matter what it always comes back to self. I have to make the change. I can test the information for myself.There was nobody I could blame. I could see that I was responsible for MYSELF. And that I had the power to change myself. That there is no higher power going to do it for me or some mighty saviour coming to save us from ourselves. If I wanted to live in a better world I am going to have to participate in the solution to make it happen.

So how do we get people to listen to something they don’t want to hear? How did I listen? I could see for myself it was the real thing. The portal is my sister after all. And I tested self forgiveness and self honesty for myself. If something works it works. No matter how hard I tried to hold on to my ideas and beliefs I could not hide from common sense.

Desteni - It’s like a slap-in-the-face-wakeup-call