Monday, 31 December 2012

Day 140 - Pain and Discomfort Letting you Down?


I have had stomach problems for a long time now, went to the doctor a month ago and said i might have an infection. After the medication it showed i did not have an infection and the next step is to stick a camera up there to see what is happening. Im really not looking forward to this.

The last six month with my stomach problems has gotten to me - meaning i am allowing myself to become more sad, irritated and angry. This problem I have is not going away. The backchat about it is accumulating and im not stopping it and breathing which is why im getting sad, irritated and angry.

Now i will write it out of me so that I can stop this from happening, stop being overwhelmed by my condition whatever it is.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to become angry, because of the pain and discomfort i feel

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to become irritated, because of how i feel physically.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to become sad and depressed, because my stomach problems are not going away.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to become affected and directed by how I feel physically

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to in my anger to lash out and take it out on other people

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to in my anger to have backchat about things and think about situations where i am angry.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to become less effective, because i allowed the pain and discomfort to influence who I am.

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to push through the feeling of wanting to give up and give into the discomfort and pain - instead of pushing through.

I commit myself to stop being angry, because of the discomfort i feel - and to instead breath and stop the anger

I commit myself to stop being irritated, because of the discomfort I feel - and to instead breath and stop the irritated

I commit myself to stop being sad, because of the discomfort I feel - and to instead breath and stop the sadness

I commit myself to stop being directed by how i feel physically in terms of being emotionally directed - and to instead not be directed by how i feel.

I commit myself to stop the the backchat and not to continue and keep on fueling it.

I commit myself to stay consistent

I commit myself to stop lashing out and taking my anger out on people, instead I stop the anger and backchat and make sure that when I speak to people i am clear within myself

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Day 139 - Machine Gun Preacher

If you haven'’t watched this movie then do so.
I watched this the other day and was simply amazed at this guy. Its about a man who lived his life doing bad things. He started going to church and chose to change his ways. He also has a wife and a child in the movie. Its based on a true story of this guy named Sam Childers.  27-07-2009child
He got a job owning a constructing business and one if his jobs was in Sudan  Africa.
I don't want to reveal too much of the movie - my words wont be able to describe what that guy did. He dedicated his life - really dedicated it - to take care for children in Sudan from the war. The rebels - what they do is attack villages rape and kill every woman and kill every man. The children they force to join them and train them to become soldiers. Sometimes they force the child to kill his own mother.
What Sam Childers did was did everything he could to save the children - to build them a save haven regardless of the danger to his own life. He really cared for them - like really care. i was amazed how somebody could care so much for children he does not know. He saw children in need and did something about it- no matter what it cost him.
Now why he is called Machine Gun Preacher you'll have to watch the movie. Watch it anyway to get some prospective.
It is  horror seeing what those people are going through - those children and it is happening everyday. And we live our lives with nit a care in the world. if a group of people came to your country - South Africa, America or whatever - and went into suburbs killing everyone before forcing the children to shoot their own mothers and taking the children to make child soldiers  - what do you think will happen? Will we do nothing and let it go on? No, Action will be taken immediately - we rich countries are civilized and order must be kept.
images When it happens to our neighbor countries we do basically nothing - we simply cant even give 2 shits. All they do is say the following: ''We condemn the actions of the rebels''.  Which actually means  '' we are forced to say something about it - but refuse to do something about it - we do care though '''.
Things like this make me want the world to end - it would be so much easier. Like when you have an animal and its hurt and suffering and nothing to do to save it you have to put it out of its misery - we should put down the human race - We are nothing but ticks and fleas on a living organism called earth - and in my opinion A earth Doctor should give the earth Frontline - to rid us from this earth. We are really evil beings.
Some say you cannot sum up the humans race based on the actions of a few bad people. YES you can. Look at the world - the way we humans live is disgusting. If you really look you will see that every human is evil unless you do everything in your power to find solutions to make this world free from suffering. Instead we say its impossible. Evil we are indeed.
Its not impossible, just different. Help create a system where no suffering exists - where money will no longer limit those who really care. Where everything will be done to make sure there is no suffering. People need homes, build them. People need food, feed them. People need electricity, give them. People need sustainable renewable energy, research is and implement it. There are no limitations. Vote and participate at Show you care.
Join in on discussions and participate ate the Forums
If you want to start being the directive principle in your life start by doing the free course here:

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Day 138 - The world Did not End, But thankfully there are Many more Apocalypses on the way!!!


if you re disappointed that the world did not end on 21 December 2012 along with the deaths of billions then do not worry, there are many more dates to look forward to:

Scientists reckon we have between half a billion years (due to falling levels of carbon dioxide) to a billion years (due to expansion of the sun) left before Earth is uninhabitable, and a mere 22 billion years before the universe explodes as it cannot expand any further.-

So there is that, but if you do not want to wait and would like the world to end in your lifetime here are a few end of the world dates:Apocalypse_by_BlackMd122

An Egyptian biochemist Rashad Khalifa who said that he cracked the Quran code  and that the world will end in 2240

Another man translated Muhammad's sayings and according to him one implied the world will end in 2129.

The closest apocalypse is just around the corner : 2018 predicted by Dr. F. Kenton Beshore. His version of the apocalypse is that it would be "extraordinary, humble, fun-loving, yet serious". so that is cool.

On a more serious note -  The world did not end. Look at history, people have predicted the end of the world so many times and it never happened. Those who believed that the world would end  - are you not tired of waiting for the end of the world? It will never happen.

So lets stop wanting to die and to see billions of people die and trillions and animals, bugs, sea life for our own selfish needs. What about them? Does anybody care what will happen to the animals and nature? We are here to take of them, of the earth. NOT to destroy it, We got it all wrong.


So lets instead make a world saving day. What about that? A time when we all stop destroying the earth for personal gain. A world where suffering and abuse ends once and for all. Sounds impossible, undoable - its not. Its real and possible and doable.

Make a difference - join us to create World Saving Day Where we all live in a Equal Money System. Nothing will happen unless you make it so. You have the power - we all do - to change the world.

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Things you Might not know about Horses


My whole life I have never had any experience with horses. I only ever had dogs and cats. I have been around horses now the past 4 years. In the beginning when I started working with horses It was a whole new experience. They are amazing and cunning beings, very sneaky sometimes.

One thing I never new was that horses lie. Yes - they lie and manipulate sometimes. When I exercised Grootman (horse name) he would fake being tired or have no energy just to not exercise anymore. I never knew they do that.shot_1322837227124

It has been a awesome learning curve  - horses can teach you allot about yourself. They are very physical observing beings. They can sum you up - see all of you before you even get close. They are far more aware of you that you are about yourself.

A few days ago we had one of our horses die - Titan. Titan and Grootman were best friends - you would always se those two together in the fields. I did not know horses form close bonds with each other. On Friday we buried Titan And that afternoon when the horses came back to the stables Grootman started showing symptoms of severe colic. He was crying out all the time for his friend Titan, because he cannot see him anywhere. Everybody gathered around as support for Grootman

We got the Vet out when we first saw what was happening to him. He was basically stressing about not seeing Titan around anymore which caused him to have big problems with his digestive system.

Long story short - the vet did everything she could, but Grootman did not respond to the medicine. He was in extreme pain when the pain killers wore off. The Vet was here from about 6 at night till twelve. The only options we had was to wait till he sorts it our himself and if he does not we will have to put him down.

shot_1322837220790 She left  us enough pain killer injections to help him through the night if needed. Rozelle and I stayed up with him at the stables all night and everybody on the farm helped in keeping an eye on him for when he starts feeling pain again. Which was the next morning where he relapsed again. We gave him painkillers again. From that moment on we pulled through and made it. He is fine now again. All of this was triggered, because he missed his friend Titan. Proof that horses also feel for those who did not know.

He went through allot that night and day - he had to make some hard choices in order to pull through.

to be continued.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Friday the 13th, Black Friday and Doomsday Friday


The world is ending on Friday, what a coincidence - that some people always believed that Friday the 13th is bad luck and we have black Friday AND the 21\12/12 the world is ending. This must then be proof that the world will end. sorry to disappoint you guys - it will not end.

What happens when end of the world dates are here and nothing happens? They postpone it. Save-The-World-Live-Green They always say that they are 110% sure that the world will end on a particular date and then nothing happens. then they say it will happen later. Mark my words - they will keep on postponing  the date long after you are dead. There will always be a date when the world is going to end. But it never will.

The world has existed for billions of years and will continue still. We humans will most likely  die off along with all the animal kingdom, because of the way we humans are destroying the planet everyday. We are like a bad case of the fleas or a tick infestation to the planet. But long after we humans are dead and gone the earth will go on. Long after our bodies feed the earth and our race along with our sins and crime against life are forgotten - new life will most likely continue.

We live in a unimaginably vast universe with a number of planets and stars uncountable. Earth is a spec of dust - even invisible with the vast universe. We are very. Just to put things into perspective.

The world wont end with a big bang or have a quick end. We humans have been ending the world all by ourselves. Tree by tree, species by species we have started. we have contaminated its waters beyond repair - we are sucking out its blood/oil dry - we are eliminating our earthlings, other species, for our own personal gain. We have annihilated entire forests along with all life within. We have consumed and poisoned the oceans and all that live in it. And we keep on doing these things - faster and faster and more effectively. We are ending our earth, our only home.

So lets instead make a world saving day. What about that? A time when we all stop destroying the earth for personal gain. A world where suffering and abuse ends once and for all. Sounds impossible, undoable - its not. Its real and possible and doable.

Make a difference - join us to create World Saving Day Where we all live in a Equal Money System. Nothing will happen unless you make it so. You have the power - we all do - to change the world.

Monday, 17 December 2012

My Galactic Family Here at Last - Hear the message!!!!


Yes it is true - we made it - finally they have come and soon take us with them within 5 days!!

Long have the galactic federation told us the message of love and light - the final solution and only solution to a life free from suffering. Long have we practiced this and spread the word and told everybody that with love and light and positive thinking we can change the world and finally end all abuse and suffering and sadness.37520_132402783461748_100000760803671_159366_1355187_n

You all can see that its working - spreading love and light - sure we only shine the light on the good things which is not plenty and keep the truth of those who suffer everyday in darkness so that all we see in a world improving. And yes over the past decades of spreading the message of love and light and bliss and happiness and joy the world has gotten worse ten fold, but that is ok  - those who suffer everyday do not matter. At all. They simply do not vibrate correctly.

Yes my people of love and light - those 27 children and adults who were gunned down the other day simply did not have the right vibration - all is well and as it should be. Nameste!

Those hundreds of children who were bombed and killed by Americans - it is all well and a it should be. To think about this - to look at this is negative thinking so don't, only look at the positive, ignore things like this.

Then some of you ''common sense'' people may asks me : ''but if you ignore bad things in this world it is just like ignoring an infection, it gets worse if you ignore it. Just like the world is getting worse - people are ignoring it!''. I say to you - the world does'n’t matter, because we are going to be taken to the 5th dimension and leave this world behind!! Screw the world.

So all you have to do to vibrate correctly and be part of those who are leaving with the galactic Federation is to:

  • Ignore the world, only think it to be a nice and happy place filled with love
  • believe that suffering doesn't’ exist
  • The world does'nt matter , we are leaving it anyway
  • You may not UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES think about the real world were poverty,war slavery and unimaginable suffering exist - it is negative thinking.
  • It is not your responsibility to find solutions to the world
  • Have no common sense whatsoever
  • And if gun men kill school children it is well and as it should be.

ashtarspaceshipBack to reality: The world is not ending and there is no galactic federation. No one will come and magically save us. If we do not find it within us to get our asses in gear and start taking responsibility for the world then we might just end the world ourselves.

Join us at Desteni were normal people are finding practical solutions for the world. Also look at this FREE course as a way to find yourself.

Friday, 14 December 2012

Why the World did not End Yesterday:


If you are reading this on the 22/12/12 then he world did not end yesterday. You might be disappointed or happy or simply curious. Here I will write the reasons WHY the world did not end.apocalypse-now-257348

The Mayans brought this on - they were very interested with TIME and thus created a sophisticated calendar. The way it worked is almost like a car odometer.  Lest say the odometer reads 999998 - the numbers rotate so after another 2km it will go 999999 then 000000. It restarts . The Mayan calendar will be on 000000 on 21/12/12. Does this sound familiar? it was the same thing back in the year 2000 where people said the world will end when the dates goes from 99 to 00. Its did not.

meteor.jpg.w300h247One of the theories of what will happen on 21/12/12 is a rogue planet hitting earth - according to scientists  if there was a planet on its way to earth it would be the one of the  brightest object in the sky - and everybody would be able to see it. So all you have to do is go look out outside.

Another apocalypse theory is the sun flaring and destroying us all. The sun has been flaring for billions of years and not one have destroyed the earth. According to NASA scientists.

Many times over in history  people have said the world will end and it did not. NOTHING will happen.

19If you are tired of waiting for the world to to end, because the you know the world is a bad and ugly place and to see it end would just be great. Why not rather spend all that energy on making this a place worth living in? Join us in doing that by going HERE and introduce yourself - if you want to see a better world. You will receive great support.

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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Why we want the world to end: We poison our food to make more money...


Genetically modified food are injected with genes extracted from bacteria which acts as a insecticide to make them resistant to pest attacks.

This becomes part of the plant so it is impossible to wash it

A new study done by Scientists from the University of Sherbrooke, Canada, have detected the insecticidal protein, Cry1Ab, circulating in the blood of people. The Toxin was also detected in pregnant woman and in fetal blood, indicating that it could pass on to the next generation.

Earlier studies have found the toxin in livestock that were fed GM corn.

Corporations have spend billions to create GM food, and made claims that it is safe to consume. The problem here is that GM crops are new – and because the consequences of GM on humans will only be reveals in time, they can claim that it is safe. And of course they make money out of it when people eat it.

GM brinjal was going to be released for commercial production(also containing the Cry1Ab toxin) in 2009. An Expert committee (EC-I) concluded that adequate safety tests had been performed, stating that "the benefits of Bt brinjal event EE-I developed by M/s Mahyco far outweigh the perceived and projected risks", and advised the Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee (GEAC) to recommend commercialization of the Bt brinjal.[3]

After long protest it has been put on hold. A study has found after feeding rats GM bt brinjal for 90 days they experienced  " organ and system damage and had ovaries at half their normal weight, enlarged spleens with white blood cell counts at 35 to 40 per cent higher than normal with elevated eosinophils, indicating immune function changes

When the company ‘Mahyco  presented the results to the Genetic Engineering Approval Committee (GEAC) they either suppressed these facts or misrepresented them. Based on this data, the GEAC approved the commercial release of Bt brinjal

894090-3x2-340x227 We have a BIG problem. What did we expect will happen when we eat food injected with chemicals? These have long term effects on the human body ad is not sufficiently researched and tested, because those who produce these crops wants to make MONEY. 

In this quest for money we use all kinds of chemicals in order to produce ‘’superior’’ crops that will as a result make more sales. Regardless of the consequences. Life has no say in this. Its all about the Money.

We cannot stop this poisoning of the human and animals that eat GM in a world based on money. Because that will always come first, the need to acquire more money.

We have to consider an alternative world monetary system – The Equal Money Equal Life System. This system would eliminate the need to produce food fast that look pretty so that more would buy it so that others can become rich while half the world dies. There will be no need to poison humans.

There is already enough food being produces to feed the whole planet. The years and resources spent in creating CM crops can then be redirected into providing solutions to permanently end world hunger – which will only take 3 years.

Time to find solutions that supports Life.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Why Wait for Ascension before we better ourselves? Why not change now?



isn't It frustrating that you have to wait? Do you ever Wonder if what you are doing is good enough? Will you be granted ascension rights after all you hard work?

How about the waiting for the SHIFT – Will you be granted the power of understanding and achieve a higher consciousness? What if the cosmos grants you unworthy?

I propose a solution – and alternative where you are the one who determines your future. Where you no longer have to wait and wonder what if you miss it – the shift – or what if you left behind. For the first time you direct your life. I will share with you the power to place your life in your own hands.

Where you Become the Master of your Own Desteni.

You can join me with many others who are learning to become the masters of their life here  - the Desteni I Process And the Free Version -

With the tools of the Desteni I process you will learn how you became who you are and then how to change who you are to become more effective and to develop an awareness of life that has not been considered possible. Where you can become immune to mass media manipulation and not be directed by anyone but yourself.

Imagine that – YOUR life in YOUR hands. You can start the SHIFT into common sense awareness that is not only practical but also doable along with many others doing the Desteni I process.

So don't wait until its too late. Stop worrying and start learning with us. We are also designing a new world system where no being has to suffer needlessly – the Equal Money System – so that you wont even need to ascend anymore, because as one group together we will make this world a place where nobody would want to leave. True heaven on earth.

Go to and join us in the forum discussions

Monday, 10 December 2012

2012 - The Real Story of the Mayan Calendar. Your world end is Near...



So Here we are at last – 2012. Will the world end or not? What exactly should we look out for or expect will happen?072403-sydney-scenario

In the spirit of 2012 I gathered 5 Events of what is going to happen on doomsday in a 5 part blog series. In this one is an explanation of why people feel the need to have the world end.

The Mayan Calendar sparked it all. It only tracks the time for 26 000 years and ends December 21 2012 and this apparently means the end of the world. It doesn't.

Firstly - calendars keep track of time passing. It doesn't predict the future. Just like all calendars – including the Mayan Calendar  - they end somewhere. Our calendars end December 31 and start again 1 January. The Mayan Calendar also ends and actually starts a new cycle.

The Mayans never made any doomsday prophecies. So this whole Event was based on the end of a calendar.  Imagine that.

The world is not ending this year – always ask yourself how do these people know what is going to happen in 2012? Then ask yourself why do people make up Doomsday Prophecies and why do so many people believe it?

Our world is so messed up that people want it to end. And in the end that's all it is – an escape from this reality. A quick fix for all our problems. Something greater putting an end to the suffering. Not so hard to image why people believe in Doomsday.

walls-of-doom-doomsday-destruction-31242785-1440-900 Nothing is going to save us from ourselves. If we want a better world free from suffering and pain we are going to have to create it ourselves. We have to put an end to survival and the world economic system. We have to put an end to this world  WE created  OURSELVES that caused that is the cause of all the suffering. WE have to make this world so that nobody would want to leave it – a world worth living in. And in a Equal Money System we can.

We created the world  as it functions today in our image and likeness. That means that we have to change ourselves first before we can change the world. There is no quick fix here.

Be part the group that is for making this world a world worth living in, a group that realizes that we have to change our way of being to change the world. A group that will not stop until its done. Join the Destonians

The free online course is also a way to help yourself to become an effective human being  -

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Be Prepared for Doomsday! The End Times Here in 12 Days...


2012is the favorite date for End of World Times. And the earth it seems will go through some tough times.

Here I will go through some prophesied  ‘’world destruction’’ scenarios that people have said will happen this year.pole-shift-head

One of them is the pole shift AND the magnetic pole reversal. The pole shift is where earth actually shifts and the north pole wont be on top of the earth anymore. It is said that this shift will happen suddenly and cause major destruction. Although shifting has happened before it occurs over a long period of time – so long that nobody would notice.

The Magnetic pole reversal refers to south pointing north and north pointing south which would have dire consequences to life on earth. And both these events are going to occur at the same time. The thing about pole shifts is that its totally unpredictable.

But then again it might happen – earth may just decide it had enough of humans, give a good shake and there's the end of humanity. The end of the day if it does happen there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. Maybe just before the end take a good look at your life and the  life of others and ask yourself how you could have made a difference to end the bullshit that is life as we have created it with all its abuse. The maybe its not so bad that it all ends.

earth-pole-shifting-1 BUT – In the more likely event that NOTHING happens and you are sick and tired of people who prophesied the end and when nothing happened they say ‘’we got the date wrong’’ and then postpone it endlessly – why not instead create a world where you would like to live in? Its very easy to live in fear and to use that fear not to stand up and change all that which is unacceptable on earth and then instill that fear on others to justify your own actions. 

The world is not going to just end. It will slowly and painfully end as we consume all the resources in the name of greed.  They are already starting to run out. Why is oil prices rising drastically…

So if you wake up December 22 2013 and life is still as it is now and you want it to change then Join us at Desteni for a life that is continuous and free for all that reside on earth. We will be the ones making this world worth living in with the Equal Money System.

Do this free online course to be part of the solution:

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The Most Dangerous Drug in the World!!! And its legal!!!



A story in a newspaper reported of a newlywed couple who got married the one day and died the next due to a driver believed to be drunk crashed into them in a car accident. Who many stories like this have we heard? How many people have died because of alcohol? 2.5million deaths a year.alcohol

2.5 Million Alcohol-R elated Deaths Worldwide- Annually whereas Illegal Drugs Cause 250,000 Global Deaths Yearly.

In 2005, excessive alcohol caused 4 million emergency room visits and 1.6 million hospitalizations. About 2,000 people under the legal drinking age (21) die annually in car crashes due to alcohol and it is involved in nearly 50 percent of all teen deaths involving violence.

So why are illegal drugs illegal When the deaths they caused are so much less than alcohol related deaths?

Some Scary facts:

  • · Nearly half of all fatal car crashes are alcohol-related.
  • · One third of homicides are associated with alcohol misuse.
  • · One half of car accidents are associated with alcohol misuse.
  • · Alcohol is the #1 misused drug in the U.S.
  • · Alcohol is the number one date rape drug.
  • · More than half of current drinkers have a family history of alcoholism.
  • · A blackout is an amnesia-like period that is often associated with drinking. A person may be functioning normally, but later, the person has no memory of occurrences.
  • · Alcohol-related accidents are the #1 killer of teens.
  • · During a blackout, an individual can participate in a significant, emotionally charged event but have no recollection of what occurred.

car-wreck_1With all this evidence that clearly shoes that alcohol is the most dangerous drug in the world. Why is it not banned? Why is the a "War on Drugs"? Why is alcohol so widely advertised when the companies know how dangerous it is? Could it be that alcohol is a massive profit industry and to stop it from harming people would mean a massive loss of money. yes.

If the whole point of making drugs illegal is to ensure the safety of the people then obviously alcohol should be banned. But if they ban it people wont be able to ''drink their trouble away'' - People wont be able to satisfied with their jobs and way of life. Then people will be forced to face the world - and its not a happy world. Maybe then people will strive and stand up for a better world.

Monday, 3 December 2012

Day 129 - Only 2 weeks left to learn Ascension!!!




The end of the world is almost here - With only a little more that 2 weeks left! So we need to ascensionget our vibration effective so that we can escape this horrible world to a new better place - the grass is always greener on the other side! 

What if you had a new born child? Will you be able to to teach the baby to ascend? What if you ascend before your children? Will you be able to come back? Would you really want to go if your loved ones cant come with you?

Its is understandable to want to leave this world behind  and go to another place that is free from suffering.  And for some the only way to deal with that is to block out and ignore the bad shit that is happening every second of every minute of every hour of every day. Ignoring something doesn't make it cease to exist.

To want to ascend it to leave all the bad stuff behind, to run away from responsibility. We Created this world! We cannot blame negative. Positive thoughts cannot exist without negative thoughts. We have to look at the origin of these thoughts – We create them. Its part of who we are. And its ‘’who we are’’ that's the real issue here. Even if you were to ascend that ‘’who you are’’ is going with you and will eventually make the other as messed up this one.

So we have to change who we are. We created this world in our image and likeness – what does that say about us? We are truly evil.

So we here at Desteni are going to be ones who stay behind. We are going to make this world the life everyone should have. To actually give a dam about nature and earth and thy neighbor.  To make this world free from abuse.

HeavenAndEarthWe do this by changing who we are. To annihilate the inherit evil and become beings who always live that which is best for all and in this make all abuse impossible to be part of reality ever again.

We understand one fundamental point – nothing will change unless the human change.

So join us to bring the change by becoming the change – - Also a free self improvement lifestyle

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Day 128 - A new ERA Already Here - Neo-apartheid


Welcome to the New Era of Neo-apartheid. Im not talking about the olden days where apartheid was a racial issue. Back then you had the black people and the white people. You had doors with sings marked ''white or ''black''. Be it toilets or restaurants you had massive

Your life was decided depending on the color of your skin. It determined where you can go and not go and how people treated you. It also determined your quality of life - your education , where you live and you whole future.

Today we have Neo-apartheid. Not separation based on skin color, but separation depending on MONEY!

You have the rich and the poor . You have places for rich people and places for poor people. Be it toilets or restaurants you have massive inequality.

Your life is decided depending on MONEY. It determines where you can go and not go and how people treat you. It also determines your quality of life - your education , where you live and you whole future. Money now separates. Poor people are usually scorned mostly ignored by the rest, because they don’'t have money.

Here are some facts about South-Africa's poor:

The analysis indicates that 47.1% of South Africa’s population consumed less than the "lower-bound" poverty line proposed by Statistics South Africa in 2007 – which means 47.1% of the population did not have R322 (in 2000 prices) for essential food and non-food items.

1421366348_6cc4cb2666_o Imagine that - Half the population in poverty. The government knows this and although it is a governments responsibility to make life better for the people this is also ignored. Billions have already been spent on personal gain. The governments don't care - corruption and deceit runs rampant while people starve - to death.

IF we were living in a world with The Equal Money system - statistics will then show the number of people in poverty as 0.00%. Not a single person will starve -There is already enough food to feed 13 billion people - we are only 7 billion. The problem is that people don't have money to buy the food - they throw the food away!!!. In the Equal Money system food will not be wasted.

Lets end this separation, this Neo-apartheid - Vote for The The Equal Money system - go to the web site and place your vote on the principle for a new world.