Sunday, 9 December 2012

Be Prepared for Doomsday! The End Times Here in 12 Days...


2012is the favorite date for End of World Times. And the earth it seems will go through some tough times.

Here I will go through some prophesied  ‘’world destruction’’ scenarios that people have said will happen this year.pole-shift-head

One of them is the pole shift AND the magnetic pole reversal. The pole shift is where earth actually shifts and the north pole wont be on top of the earth anymore. It is said that this shift will happen suddenly and cause major destruction. Although shifting has happened before it occurs over a long period of time – so long that nobody would notice.

The Magnetic pole reversal refers to south pointing north and north pointing south which would have dire consequences to life on earth. And both these events are going to occur at the same time. The thing about pole shifts is that its totally unpredictable.

But then again it might happen – earth may just decide it had enough of humans, give a good shake and there's the end of humanity. The end of the day if it does happen there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. Maybe just before the end take a good look at your life and the  life of others and ask yourself how you could have made a difference to end the bullshit that is life as we have created it with all its abuse. The maybe its not so bad that it all ends.

earth-pole-shifting-1 BUT – In the more likely event that NOTHING happens and you are sick and tired of people who prophesied the end and when nothing happened they say ‘’we got the date wrong’’ and then postpone it endlessly – why not instead create a world where you would like to live in? Its very easy to live in fear and to use that fear not to stand up and change all that which is unacceptable on earth and then instill that fear on others to justify your own actions. 

The world is not going to just end. It will slowly and painfully end as we consume all the resources in the name of greed.  They are already starting to run out. Why is oil prices rising drastically…

So if you wake up December 22 2013 and life is still as it is now and you want it to change then Join us at Desteni for a life that is continuous and free for all that reside on earth. We will be the ones making this world worth living in with the Equal Money System.

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