Friday, 14 December 2012

Why the World did not End Yesterday:


If you are reading this on the 22/12/12 then he world did not end yesterday. You might be disappointed or happy or simply curious. Here I will write the reasons WHY the world did not end.apocalypse-now-257348

The Mayans brought this on - they were very interested with TIME and thus created a sophisticated calendar. The way it worked is almost like a car odometer.  Lest say the odometer reads 999998 - the numbers rotate so after another 2km it will go 999999 then 000000. It restarts . The Mayan calendar will be on 000000 on 21/12/12. Does this sound familiar? it was the same thing back in the year 2000 where people said the world will end when the dates goes from 99 to 00. Its did not.

meteor.jpg.w300h247One of the theories of what will happen on 21/12/12 is a rogue planet hitting earth - according to scientists  if there was a planet on its way to earth it would be the one of the  brightest object in the sky - and everybody would be able to see it. So all you have to do is go look out outside.

Another apocalypse theory is the sun flaring and destroying us all. The sun has been flaring for billions of years and not one have destroyed the earth. According to NASA scientists.

Many times over in history  people have said the world will end and it did not. NOTHING will happen.

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