Monday, 10 December 2012

2012 - The Real Story of the Mayan Calendar. Your world end is Near...



So Here we are at last – 2012. Will the world end or not? What exactly should we look out for or expect will happen?072403-sydney-scenario

In the spirit of 2012 I gathered 5 Events of what is going to happen on doomsday in a 5 part blog series. In this one is an explanation of why people feel the need to have the world end.

The Mayan Calendar sparked it all. It only tracks the time for 26 000 years and ends December 21 2012 and this apparently means the end of the world. It doesn't.

Firstly - calendars keep track of time passing. It doesn't predict the future. Just like all calendars – including the Mayan Calendar  - they end somewhere. Our calendars end December 31 and start again 1 January. The Mayan Calendar also ends and actually starts a new cycle.

The Mayans never made any doomsday prophecies. So this whole Event was based on the end of a calendar.  Imagine that.

The world is not ending this year – always ask yourself how do these people know what is going to happen in 2012? Then ask yourself why do people make up Doomsday Prophecies and why do so many people believe it?

Our world is so messed up that people want it to end. And in the end that's all it is – an escape from this reality. A quick fix for all our problems. Something greater putting an end to the suffering. Not so hard to image why people believe in Doomsday.

walls-of-doom-doomsday-destruction-31242785-1440-900 Nothing is going to save us from ourselves. If we want a better world free from suffering and pain we are going to have to create it ourselves. We have to put an end to survival and the world economic system. We have to put an end to this world  WE created  OURSELVES that caused that is the cause of all the suffering. WE have to make this world so that nobody would want to leave it – a world worth living in. And in a Equal Money System we can.

We created the world  as it functions today in our image and likeness. That means that we have to change ourselves first before we can change the world. There is no quick fix here.

Be part the group that is for making this world a world worth living in, a group that realizes that we have to change our way of being to change the world. A group that will not stop until its done. Join the Destonians

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