Sunday, 2 December 2012

Day 128 - A new ERA Already Here - Neo-apartheid


Welcome to the New Era of Neo-apartheid. Im not talking about the olden days where apartheid was a racial issue. Back then you had the black people and the white people. You had doors with sings marked ''white or ''black''. Be it toilets or restaurants you had massive

Your life was decided depending on the color of your skin. It determined where you can go and not go and how people treated you. It also determined your quality of life - your education , where you live and you whole future.

Today we have Neo-apartheid. Not separation based on skin color, but separation depending on MONEY!

You have the rich and the poor . You have places for rich people and places for poor people. Be it toilets or restaurants you have massive inequality.

Your life is decided depending on MONEY. It determines where you can go and not go and how people treat you. It also determines your quality of life - your education , where you live and you whole future. Money now separates. Poor people are usually scorned mostly ignored by the rest, because they don’'t have money.

Here are some facts about South-Africa's poor:

The analysis indicates that 47.1% of South Africa’s population consumed less than the "lower-bound" poverty line proposed by Statistics South Africa in 2007 – which means 47.1% of the population did not have R322 (in 2000 prices) for essential food and non-food items.

1421366348_6cc4cb2666_o Imagine that - Half the population in poverty. The government knows this and although it is a governments responsibility to make life better for the people this is also ignored. Billions have already been spent on personal gain. The governments don't care - corruption and deceit runs rampant while people starve - to death.

IF we were living in a world with The Equal Money system - statistics will then show the number of people in poverty as 0.00%. Not a single person will starve -There is already enough food to feed 13 billion people - we are only 7 billion. The problem is that people don't have money to buy the food - they throw the food away!!!. In the Equal Money system food will not be wasted.

Lets end this separation, this Neo-apartheid - Vote for The The Equal Money system - go to the web site and place your vote on the principle for a new world.

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