Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Day 138 - The world Did not End, But thankfully there are Many more Apocalypses on the way!!!


if you re disappointed that the world did not end on 21 December 2012 along with the deaths of billions then do not worry, there are many more dates to look forward to:

Scientists reckon we have between half a billion years (due to falling levels of carbon dioxide) to a billion years (due to expansion of the sun) left before Earth is uninhabitable, and a mere 22 billion years before the universe explodes as it cannot expand any further.- http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/mayan-apocalypse-did-not-happen-but-more-1500397

So there is that, but if you do not want to wait and would like the world to end in your lifetime here are a few end of the world dates:Apocalypse_by_BlackMd122

An Egyptian biochemist Rashad Khalifa who said that he cracked the Quran code  and that the world will end in 2240

Another man translated Muhammad's sayings and according to him one implied the world will end in 2129.

The closest apocalypse is just around the corner : 2018 predicted by Dr. F. Kenton Beshore. His version of the apocalypse is that it would be "extraordinary, humble, fun-loving, yet serious". so that is cool.

On a more serious note -  The world did not end. Look at history, people have predicted the end of the world so many times and it never happened. Those who believed that the world would end  - are you not tired of waiting for the end of the world? It will never happen.

So lets stop wanting to die and to see billions of people die and trillions and animals, bugs, sea life for our own selfish needs. What about them? Does anybody care what will happen to the animals and nature? We are here to take of them, of the earth. NOT to destroy it, We got it all wrong.


So lets instead make a world saving day. What about that? A time when we all stop destroying the earth for personal gain. A world where suffering and abuse ends once and for all. Sounds impossible, undoable - its not. Its real and possible and doable.

Make a difference - join us to create World Saving Day Where we all live in a Equal Money System. Nothing will happen unless you make it so. You have the power - we all do - to change the world.

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