Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Friday the 13th, Black Friday and Doomsday Friday


The world is ending on Friday, what a coincidence - that some people always believed that Friday the 13th is bad luck and we have black Friday AND the 21\12/12 the world is ending. This must then be proof that the world will end. sorry to disappoint you guys - it will not end.

What happens when end of the world dates are here and nothing happens? They postpone it. Save-The-World-Live-Green They always say that they are 110% sure that the world will end on a particular date and then nothing happens. then they say it will happen later. Mark my words - they will keep on postponing  the date long after you are dead. There will always be a date when the world is going to end. But it never will.

The world has existed for billions of years and will continue still. We humans will most likely  die off along with all the animal kingdom, because of the way we humans are destroying the planet everyday. We are like a bad case of the fleas or a tick infestation to the planet. But long after we humans are dead and gone the earth will go on. Long after our bodies feed the earth and our race along with our sins and crime against life are forgotten - new life will most likely continue.

We live in a unimaginably vast universe with a number of planets and stars uncountable. Earth is a spec of dust - even invisible with the vast universe. We are very. Just to put things into perspective.

The world wont end with a big bang or have a quick end. We humans have been ending the world all by ourselves. Tree by tree, species by species we have started. we have contaminated its waters beyond repair - we are sucking out its blood/oil dry - we are eliminating our earthlings, other species, for our own personal gain. We have annihilated entire forests along with all life within. We have consumed and poisoned the oceans and all that live in it. And we keep on doing these things - faster and faster and more effectively. We are ending our earth, our only home.

So lets instead make a world saving day. What about that? A time when we all stop destroying the earth for personal gain. A world where suffering and abuse ends once and for all. Sounds impossible, undoable - its not. Its real and possible and doable.

Make a difference - join us to create World Saving Day Where we all live in a Equal Money System. Nothing will happen unless you make it so. You have the power - we all do - to change the world.

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