Monday, 17 December 2012

My Galactic Family Here at Last - Hear the message!!!!


Yes it is true - we made it - finally they have come and soon take us with them within 5 days!!

Long have the galactic federation told us the message of love and light - the final solution and only solution to a life free from suffering. Long have we practiced this and spread the word and told everybody that with love and light and positive thinking we can change the world and finally end all abuse and suffering and sadness.37520_132402783461748_100000760803671_159366_1355187_n

You all can see that its working - spreading love and light - sure we only shine the light on the good things which is not plenty and keep the truth of those who suffer everyday in darkness so that all we see in a world improving. And yes over the past decades of spreading the message of love and light and bliss and happiness and joy the world has gotten worse ten fold, but that is ok  - those who suffer everyday do not matter. At all. They simply do not vibrate correctly.

Yes my people of love and light - those 27 children and adults who were gunned down the other day simply did not have the right vibration - all is well and as it should be. Nameste!

Those hundreds of children who were bombed and killed by Americans - it is all well and a it should be. To think about this - to look at this is negative thinking so don't, only look at the positive, ignore things like this.

Then some of you ''common sense'' people may asks me : ''but if you ignore bad things in this world it is just like ignoring an infection, it gets worse if you ignore it. Just like the world is getting worse - people are ignoring it!''. I say to you - the world does'n’t matter, because we are going to be taken to the 5th dimension and leave this world behind!! Screw the world.

So all you have to do to vibrate correctly and be part of those who are leaving with the galactic Federation is to:

  • Ignore the world, only think it to be a nice and happy place filled with love
  • believe that suffering doesn't’ exist
  • The world does'nt matter , we are leaving it anyway
  • You may not UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES think about the real world were poverty,war slavery and unimaginable suffering exist - it is negative thinking.
  • It is not your responsibility to find solutions to the world
  • Have no common sense whatsoever
  • And if gun men kill school children it is well and as it should be.

ashtarspaceshipBack to reality: The world is not ending and there is no galactic federation. No one will come and magically save us. If we do not find it within us to get our asses in gear and start taking responsibility for the world then we might just end the world ourselves.

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