Thursday, 28 April 2011

Unarmed Woman Shot outside police Station by cop

A Woman drove into the back of a police patrol van just outside Kempton Park police station. The car guard ran into the station to report the accident. The sergeant then walked out of the station for 30, calmly approaching the woman's car. He stopped at the passenger window, pulled out his gun and fired a single shot into her upper body. He then walked back into the police station.

Seconds later he comes back outside to have a proper look at the woman he shot, the car guard insisted he should call an ambulance but the cop replied:'' She is dying already, there is no point in calling the ambulance.''

This is a example of manifested backchat. When you keep on having fights in your head with someone, or take something personally and snap at someone in anger, you fuel this anger. Then one day you simply snap and get completely possessed by this anger and you lash out - having devastating consequences.

To stop this from happening we need to stop the urge to snap at people and stop thoughts that will eventually manifest into an event. The Desteni I process has the tools that we can use to assist ourselves with stopping abusive behavior so that such events as mentioned above doesn't happen. Where one can be the directive principle in your life.

My experience with backchat so far was that when i take something personally i reacted immediately with anger, usually trying to get back at the person with mean words or in my head I make sure they come out second best. But that anger got worse overtime. I managed to get to a point where i stop participating in it, meaning that i used to be angry for most the day before i calmed down.
Now when the thoughts come up i stop them, and I don't wallow in for most the day.

So if you experience any thing similar to this, know that if you don't stop it completely, eventually you will become it and the consequences will be dire.
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Monday, 25 April 2011

Faith like Avocados

Since I was child I liked growing things and watching them grow. I worked in the garden with my mother. The first tree I remember growing was an Avocado.

The simplicity in this is what fascinated me, because by placing the Avocado pit with three tooth picks and halfway in water it will start to develop roots. I liked following the progress, as the pit splits and a root comes out and then the top side comes out with the first set of leaves.

I had two of them growing and when they were finally big enough we planted them out in the garden. Shortly after that we went on holiday, but my father could not come with so we asked him to water them. Can’t remember how long we were away or were we went, but when we came back both trees were dead. I was quite upset and found out that my father forgot to water them.

Now what happened to me there was that I made a connection to the avocado tree as being fragile, and since then there was anxiety within me when working with plants and trees. I became overly protective, because I didn’t want them to die.

As well as a connection to my father that I can’t trust him with a task like this. These were unconscious thoughts and happened in that one moment and I lived by that even now as I’m writing this. I never saw this before.
I didn’t try and grow another avocado tree after that, but it was still my favorite
I did try once again after about 10 years and had ended up having a 2m high avocado tree, but had to move so I never saw it grow bigger. I did go back a to check up on it, but the new owners had it cut down. Lol. I was a bit angry at that.

Before we came to the farm I had another go at three Avocado pits. One died of shock soon after planting. Another died of carelessness and being accidentally cut by a grass cutter.
And one Still remains and is growing steadily standing about 1.2m high.

Here on the farm we have lots and lots of fruit trees. We wanted to grow lots of avocado, but fascinating enough, they all died save for one.
If I look at my experience with fruit trees I had that anxiety every time I worked with them – overly careful when pruning, always afraid of giving to much water and not enough water - because I saw them as fragile and didn’t want them to die. If someone else did something to the tree without me knowing about it I would get very angry at that person. I saw the trees as my trees and as long as I know what’s going on I have control.

For 16 years that single event dictated how I will interact with trees. And it was an idea, a perception, a believe according to my current understanding when I was young.

This is so for many points in our lives. We live according to how we programmed ourselves when we grew up. And it is not supportive.
With the Desteni I Process I see these points. Look at events on my life and how it has affected my daily living and then reprogram myself to stop it dictating my life and directing me.

Then I become the director in my life by writing my own script.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

I am the Creator – cannot Blame Another

A point that I have come to realize is the meaning of self responsibility.

When I started with Desteni I always thought things were happening TO me. That It was something else making me feel depressed or angry. I always held the other person responsible for either hurting me or making me feel a certain way.

I started to see that I am the one feeling the emotion, I created it. People do not poses the power to induce a emotion in me, it a act I am doing alone. A phrase that stood out for me was in a book that Bernard Wrote called ‘‘have a virus-free mind’’ and it said something

Nobody can do anything to you unless you allow it.

That is common sense, yet I didn’t see this before. I based my life on the idea that stuff was happening to me – when in fact I am responsible for me and all that goes on inside of me, I can’t blame another for what I have created.

For example I broke up a relationship a while ago and there was that sense of loss that goes with most break ups. Because the other person made me feel good, accepted me for who I was and made me feel special and wanted.

Now with that person gone all these things go with it. Now, I am responsible for what I feel and it has NOTHING to do with the other person. What I saw was that I craved for acceptance, because I didn’t accept myself. I wanted love because I could give it to myself. But I created those feelings and emotions. It’s like shooting yourself in the foot and blaming the ammo manufacturer – You loaded the gun and pulled the trigger.

So through the Desteni I process I came to realize this point in terms of self-responsibility and how blaming others for what I feel is ridiculous.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Make Money and Stop addictions with Desteni I process

Within walking this process I learned that there is a BIG difference between saying and doing.
About a year ago I was taking on stopping smoking. I told myself that I am going to stop, but everyday i found some excuse not to stop and ended up smoking. I started to see that what i was doing was not keeping to my word.

I was tired of not being able to keep to my word and felt powerless. So then I told myself i am going to stop - And i stood by it.

And this can be done with other addictions.
It takes self discipline.

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Friday, 8 April 2011

Be Financially Stable - Join Desteni I process

The Desteni I process is a Life coaching product designed to achieve stability in this world.
Let us have a look at what we basically need to achieve this:

We need money to be financially stable.
We need personal stability so that we can function and interact effectively in this world.

The Desteni I Process provides these tools that can be practically applied by everyone - and from the comfort of our homes. 

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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

To Become Perfect - Join the Desteni I Process

From childhood we observe the world around us, form a perception about it and live accordingly. We adapt behavior patterns on an unconscious level that becomes  part of our personality.  

Its like action and reaction. When this happens, i must react like this.When somebody says this, i must reply with this. And throughout  our lives we  have programmed ourselves into who we are today.

Almost all of our behavior patterns are not supporting what is best for all, meaning it is either actions that are based on self interest or are abuse to ourselves and\or others. We say nasty things to others deep in our secret minds.

We justify these actions saying that its just who I am. But that can change.

With the Desteni I process tools are provided were you take responsibility for your self. Look at all the behavior patterns, thoughts , feelings and emotions that are not supportive to you and others and stop them.
Not only stop them but redesign yourself into somebody who is effective.

It is a total reprogramming of self so that my actions are that which I would like it to be, always. And as you go through this course you can make an income by sharing your process.

So you become perfect and you get money for doing it.

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Saturday, 2 April 2011

Know Thyself with Desteni I Process

Why is it that we don't know what is happening inside ourselves? Why do we need Psychologist to show us why we do the things we do?

You would think that since this is my body, I am the one moving , thinking and feeling I should be able to express myself, reach into my subconscious and see what is going on in there, direct myself and know myself. But our actions shows otherwise, we are not able to direct ourselves, but are directed by feelings and emotions.

We have accepted who and how we are, saying that its who i am. But seldom who I would like to be.

With the Desteni I process you reach inside of you and learn to know yourself. You find the answers to why you are the way you are and how to change yourself to become more effective in assisting and supporting yourself, And others. Also gaining financial stability doing all this online at home.

To Know Thyself - Desteni I process