Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Did Rage Against the Machine change the World?

You know what would be awesome - instead of voicing the problems we face in this world why not sing the solutions. I was am a big Rage fan, and even through singing and playing their songs I did not actually “hear’’ the message. One of my Favorite songs from them is “Bullet in your Head” - They had a message and they tried haring that message, but without an actual solution. All this does is create more anger and more Rage. 

It’s like “Yea man, I see that I’m being told what to do, the system got me, I’m angry about it,  thanks for letting me know”. I did not go a step further and ask myself “What can I do about it?”.  

So yes – this is a far better than the shit we hear on the radio and the message that RATM represented is still a millions time better than the Shit we call music these days, but in the end it did not change anything significantly – they did not have an impact in the world. 

They did however have an impact on the individual level, planting the seeds of questioning WTF is going on in the world so from that perspective it’s awesome – but they did not present any real solutions. They had the following they had the power, but they also did not know what to do to bring real change. 

From my perspective they did not understand the full problem. Yes, people are being manipulated and brainwashed in the name of capitalism and control and are being screwed “by the man” – BUT that is not the real problem. The problem is that all the problems we face in this world are created by US – we the people – Humanity. We created  the system, the machine so its time to top raging against ourselves.  It’s all the result of our human nature – what we see in this world is what we all created. It’s our Nature that is destroying us – we are our own worst enemy.

Human Nature is the problem. You change Human Nature you change the world. Now comes the real question: How do you change human nature?


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