Thursday, 10 December 2015

Practicing Beethoven – Fur Elise on Acoustic Guitar

I was busy practicing a song  today ( Fur Elise ) when Leila Tried to sneak up on me and record me whilst me being unaware. Unfortunately for her she did not go unnoticed. But I did do a rare thing and let her record me while I practice ( Video Attached below) which brought up a point.

I started to learn this song yesterday and when it comes to learning new songs I tend to not want people to hear it unless I can play it fluently. So in the practice stage I definitely don’t want someone to record me and the reason for that is simple – it sounds bad lol. I just started learning this so it’s not going to be perfect and there will be many mistakes and when I play for others and there are mistakes it’s a self-judgment point, but that is part of this whole process in music. When you first learn something new you are not going to be good at it at first – there will be mistakes and it takes practice to get it right.

It is this part of music that people do not see often – when you go look at some professional musician playing a song you don’t really realize what it took for the person to be able to play that well. It’s loooooong hours of mistakes, repetition, consistency and endurance. What we see when we watch these pro’s is the end result. They don’t show the road that got them there. For me it would be cool to see that process, but in the music world of professionalism and perfection you tend to only see the end result.

So sure it’s not very good right now, but with practice, eventually, I will be able to play it well. And so, for your listening and viewing pleasure I present to you the process of making mistakes:

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