Sunday, 30 June 2013

Seriously - What happened with the Apocalypse??


I am 25 years old. It seems like it was only a moment ago when finished school at 18. The supposed apocalypse of 2012 seems to be just the other day. Where are all those people who prophesied the end of the world? Where are all those who believed they were going to ascend to the 5th dimension? Why are they still here? Why are people not demanding answers from them? Why can they can see that it was all a hoax? Desteni already said long ago that nothing will happen and that is exactly what happened. The question should be asked who made allot of money out of this? Did you spend money on survival kits? Seminars? Billboards?

The one thing you find is excuses and justifications. Saying that they got the date wrong – even though they were dam sure it was the right date and so the date gets postpone far in the future. Other say that humanity has in deed gone through a inner change brought by a superior force and that we all will have a greater understanding of things now that this thing is unlocked in our heads. It has been six months and all I see the same shit on the news. In fact – the stories are getting worse and worse. More crazy and totally psychotic behavior happens frequently. Another point Desteni predicted – that things will be getting worse on earth.

To all doomsday believers – it is time to realize that everybody has been taking on a ride. A money train that goes into the pockets of those who promote the idea. It is simply another method of capitalizing on our fears.

Doomsday exist for billions on earth already. Imagine to live in a world where you wake up not knowing if you will be able to quench your thirst or fill your belly whilst living right next to a water purification station. The water is fenced off – the food inaccessible – because there is not enough money to buy the food in order to stay alive. That is hell. That is doom – to starve to death. Go without food for even a day to get a tiny glimpse of what hunger is and realize it is many times more worse for billions of people on earth (please don’t actually do this – your body will not be happy with you and might act out in revenge by getting sick).

So let us rather stop a moment and find solutions for this doom that exist on earth. Let us rather ascend and leave a dignified earth behind – so that those that get left behind have the means to have a dignified life. Only then – when we are sure that no one will starve – can we look at going off to another dimension. But you will find you might just want to rather stay behind…

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Day 181 - Can memories actually influence Taste?


Continuing with the food like and dislike point.

As a kid I did not like broccoli. Another thing I did not like was spinach and it was also about the sugar point. No matter how tasty Pop ‘Eye made it look it was pretty nasty stuff for me since it was the opposite of sugar.

So why do we dislike and like different food? The human body is born with the same stuff for all of us. We have the same taste buds so what makes me like a food and another dislike the same food? One food sort I still so not like is Liver. Chicken liver is nasty stuff, but some people really like it. Liver is very nutritious, but taste horrible. The first time I heard of liver I linked it to my own liver – meaning it was weird to eat chicken liver, because I have liver. Never mind that I also have meat like a chicken – that did not bother me – but the word liver was gross and so the food was gross.

If I was born in a village in some forest I would probably like eating some insects, because that is what I am used to. It would seem that food taste pretty much the same to all of us, but location, memories, ideas and believes have made us like and dislike a particular taste. It is very fascinating, because a belief we have created that this food type is gross will actually make some get nauseous and throw up. It is all simply and idea created. Some food the body actually does react to though like those with gluten allergy or lactose intolerant.

Sugar is like magic – add it in things and people like and buy it. Along with gluten most things in a grocery store has sugar in it. Why? Because then it taste good and people buy it and the company makes money. They get us used to sweet things from childhood with those “its good for your kids” sugar laced cereal and then we get hooked on sugar and keep buy it till the day our bodies give out.

What would a grocery store look like if real studies were made on the effect of a particular product and they actually warn you about it on the box like they do with cigarettes? ON the coke can it will say – WARNING: HIGH SUGAR INTAKE MAY CAUSE DIABETES. What if all harmfull products were removed from the shelves? The store will stand pretty empty as most things can harm the body. Alas, they do not warn people. Not even on Alcohol. On Every can it should say – WARNING: ALCOHOL MOST DANGEROUS DRUG ON EARTH AND CAUSES MORE DEATH THAN ANY OTHER DRUG. Nope, instead they only warn about cigarettes.

Friday, 28 June 2013

DAY 180 - Why do we like and dislike certain foods?


Why do we like and dislike certain foods?

evil_sugar_by_evilbisounoursx-d4bd3kmI  have recently been on a ridiculous diet for a few months regarding my thyroid’s hyper activity . I say ridiculous, because I could not eat any of the food I liked. It was very hard for me, but I did it. While I was on this diet I missed my usual foods  - like burgers, steak or the occasional take-aways and even corn.  What I missed most was coffee – it was not part of my diet. The food I could eat was not bad or anything – it was just very plain and not what I was used to.

I resumed eating normal again and noticed something very anti-climactic. I used to really like drinking coke, but had to stop drinking it since sugar and carbonated drinks were not part of the diet. So I had my first coke in a long time and I expected it to be very good, but it was not. It was too sweet and tasted like brown sugar water. I do not drink coke anymore. When I had my first burger the same thing happened. It was not as I imagined it to be – it was not bad or anything – simply a burger. My diet was excluding any processed foods as well as gluten, milk and many others so I ate whole foods. You have no idea how many items in the shops have gluten in them.

I am now at a stage where I no longer want any take-aways or coke which I really liked before going onto the diet. Coke had lost its magic for me – it no longer has a hold on me lol. No, it is more that going without sugar my body got used to/liked minimal sugar and coke is like a sugar overload.  Now I can feel that my body does not like so much sugar. My tastebuds activate with joy and pleasure with sugar – but the body says NO. The best was drinking coffee again - still do and its still good.

images When I was a kid I did not like broccoli – it seems it is a kid thing not to like broccoli/veggies. It was obviously good for the body, but tasted horrible. If I look back now I would say sugar is to blame for this. I ate sweets and had kids cereal – kids cereal like “coco-pops” say “it is good for you” with all that added vitamins, but a bowl is like 30% sugar and I always added more sugar to the mix to make it taste real good. The sugar does more harm that the vitamins do good. So broccoli does not taste nearly as good as a bowl of sugar and thus I did not like broccoli. I do however eat it now.

Did you have a similar experience where sugar determined what you like and disliked? Would be interesting to go back and see exactly why you do not like a particular food – like broccoli.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Day 179 - Everybody makes mistakes


Everybody makes mistakes

1235684684 The first time I saw these words was on a shirt. On the shirt it was written “ EVERYBODY MAKES MISTAKES”. I looked at this shirt and I felt relieved. I thought that it was awesome that everybody makes mistakes. It is not just me. It is ok to make mistakes, because everybody else also makes mistakes. It showed me that nobody is perfect and no matter that I do I will make mistakes just like everybody else.

It also shows the general belief of humanity – that the human is imperfect and will always f**k up. That no matter how hard you try you will always make mistakes. It promotes limitation. It is a very nice statement that justifies limitation and actually makes you feel good for being limited.

no_bullshitI completely disagree with this statement of limitation. Yes - everybody makes mistakes, but that should not make you feel good for being imperfect and part of a world full of mistakes. It should motivate you to become perfect. That is the point of mistakes – to learn from them and never make the same mistake twice. Then you stop making the same mistake.

Everybody makes mistakes – that should make us all feel ashamed for being human. It is like the statement “ nobody is perfect”. Why the f**k not? Why can the human not be perfect? Why should I accept this limitation? I did not ask these questions. I saw it as a very nice statement and it made me feel good not to be perfect. It is a very nice justification and excuse to not find a way to be perfect.

So – it is cool to make mistakes, because it is the best way to learn. You learn from mistakes and move on with new found wisdom that can be used to not make the same mistake again. Perfection comes from learning from your mistakes and pushing through to not make them again. The 7 year journey to life is a journey to perfection. Let us stop this limitation and justification of rewarding imperfections and instead become perfect human beings:


Wednesday, 26 June 2013

People should not have animals if they cannot take care of them



I always had a pet dog. I grew up with always having a dog. I loved my pets treated them with respect and took care of them. We lived near the ocean and just before the beach there was a big pond area and I used to play there allot (Back then it was still safe to play in a pond ). We used to look for tadpoles and frogs, because they were fascinating – we went into the pond every day and watched the growth process of the tadpoles. We would see how the legs started to form and eventually they turned to frogs and it was really cool.

I remember some kids that would take the poor tadpoles and squash them. This was utterly disturbing to me and my friends. Unfortunately there are some kids that have a complete disregard for nature. How and why is that kid so different than I was?

I was taught to take care of animals and to treat them right. The other kid was not. It is the responsibility of the parents to teach children how to take care of animals, but often the parents do not even no how and so nature suffers.

Then you have people who have pets, but do not take care of them. They do not give the animal the proper care it needs. This can simply be a disregard for life and deliberate abuse or they do not know how – the point remains that nobody should have access to any animal unless they can effectively take care of it or have the necessary respect for them.

Unfortunately animals are regarded as not really important. Humans believe they superior and animals are just animals. Which is not true. This belief is what is causing major destruction in nature and the extinction and abuse of animals. That kid who squished tadpoles for fun will grow up never considering nature.

This should be one of the fundamental education of a child – how to care and treat animals. Animals are a part of our lives - We share this planet with them. When it is proven that a person can take care of the particular pet it wants only then should they be able to have a pet. This is how it should be and will stop animal abuse.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

OMG!! There is puke everywhere!! Living with cats



tumblr_mc67mwERZ71rgec6xo1_500 I live with many cats. One thing that happens occasionally is puke. Every now and again there is a small pile of puke on the floor. It can be runny and sloppy or hard. Sometimes – if you are lucky – you get a projectile puke where it is not only on the floor, but on the wall as well.

It is winter now and the nights get quite cold so I have a blanket that I keep by my feet to keep it warm. The other day I was very lucky and came across a projectile puke that landed on the blanket, the floor and my drawer. Usually when I see puke on the floor somewhere it is no problem – it happens. This time it was on the blanket that keeps me warm, on the floor where my feet goes and on the drawer. This meant I need to wash the blanket and floor and drawer before I can sit down. I reacted in anger within this event and got all emotional and moody for a while.

I did end up cleaning the puke and asked myself why I made such a big deal about this? The reaction was completely unnecessary since it was a simply action of cleaning the mess. I was the one who went into the mind and made a big deal out of it by reacting and allowing thoughts to direct me.

I forgive myself that Have accepted and allowed myself to react with anger when I saw puke on the floor.

I forgive myself that have accepted and allowed myself to when I saw the puke on the blanket to become irritated, because I would have to clean the blanket which will leave me without a blanket for the night to keep my feet warm.

I forgive myself that have accepted and allowed myself to become angry, because I really did not feel like cleaning the mess at the moment.

I forgive myself that have accepted and allowed myself to in my not wanting to clean the mess to fuel my irritation and frustration.

I forgive myself that have accepted and allowed myself to complain about it and try to find a way to not have to clean it at that moment and when I saw I had no choice but to clean it to become emotional about it.

I forgive myself that have accepted and allowed myself to in my emotional possessive state to take the whole event personally.

I forgive myself that have accepted and allowed myself to go into blame and become angry `at the cat that puked on the floor by my feet.

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize that my anger and irritation was due to me not want to clean

I forgive myself that have not accepted and allowed myself to realize that there was no need to become emotional and angry when I saw the puke and that it was a simple thing actually to clean it.

I commit myself stop myself from going into a emotional reaction when I see puke on the floor by my feet that needs to be cleaned – instead I breathe and clean

I commit myself to stop fuming and fueling my anger with justifications and thoughts to keep it going – instead I look at what I am doing and stop it immediately

I commit myself to stop wanting to find somebody else to blame for events in my life – instead If I am able to I direct the point.

I commit myself to stop taking events personally and realize that I am the one who makes it personal.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Day 176 - First Experience with Authority



respect_my_authority_by_livnlife-d3a0op5In my previous blog, I wrote about manners and respect, and how I was taught that my “elders” are superior to me because of it. I had to show them respect and have manners – basically I had to present myself the “right” way. Every time I was in the presence of someone older than me, like for example the parents of friends, I would be all polite and remember my manners. Which brings me to my next point – Authority. ‘Keeping in mind though’, that I am NOT saying to now disrespect others / don’t have manners! I am saying though, the starting point / approach within it all primarily being done through fear and not within the starting point of considering/regarding others / “treating others as you would want to be treated” – such living principles are cool, cause it brings through an awareness of considering/speaking/behaving/being with others as you would want them to be with you. Now, we have “manners / respect” being demanded out of fear and hierarchy and in this, there is no such principles existent of “considering/regarding/treating others as you would want to be treated”. So, we’ll look more into this in posts to come.

My parents were my first Authority-figures in my life. And since I was taught to “respect my elders” I believed that all older people have a Authority. As I grew up I held on to this belief subconsciously. If I look closer now - whenever I was in the presence of “my elders” there was a hint a fear, because of when I was a child I was taught to show my manners and respect them, otherwise I would get into trouble.

The word Authority was linked with fear and helplessness.  I myself had no authority since I believed myself to be inferior to others based on the perception and idea that “my elders”  have more value/superior to me since I had to respect them but they did not have to respect me since I am just a child.

An example would be the following: When I was alone I would be a certain way, when I was around friends I would be a certain way. When I was around “my elders” for example talking to parents and older people I would act very differently. I was not really aware of these changes. I did not stop and look to see what I was doing and why. I was not even aware of the fear I had. What I did know is that I did not like speaking to “my elders”, because I was never comfortable with it. Now I can see why. Primarily because, the respect/manners in relation to adults/elders are “demanded / taught” – the child then “acts like the parents demand” and so, every time I was around adults/elders – I put on the act of manners/respect. Obviously, with my friends and when I was alone – I was also in characters/personalities, this is how we function in the world: dependent on the people/hierarchy/environment: we put on different acts/characters/personalities. Which within this, makes one wonder: do we really then in fact know who we are if we change/act dependent on where/with who we are???

So, I assumed a role/character that I created long ago based on what I was taught and my perception and beliefs of what I taught.  That I as a child have no authority – parents do and teachers do. I as a child must listen and be “a good boy”.  And that is what I did from childhood. Now when do you stop being a child and start becoming an elder that must be respected by kids? When do you join that club?

Sure my body is aging and growing, but where does the authority come in? Nobody really taught me authority. I did not have a class named Authority 101. In school we learn that teachers and the headmaster have the Authority – not us children. I Never had the opportunity to learn Authority. Only after living here on the farm did I have the opportunity to experience Authority within myself. Which I will cover in my next blog, and within this see what Authority means within the principle of/as a Living Word.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Day 175 - Respect your elders!



When I was a kid I was taught to respect my elders. I never asked why, but I had to respect my elders. Whenever I meet the parents of my friends I had to greet them “Tannie” and “Oom”. That’s Afrikaans. Directly translated it means Aunt and Uncle, but it is used even though you are not related. In English terms it is equivalent to Mister or Miss, Mrs.

This was considered good manners and showing respect. If I did not greet this way I would get into trouble, so the only reason I did this was to not get into trouble – out of fear.  All kids greeted this way. What it showed me is that my elders are more than me – I had to respect them, but they did not have to respect me, because I am just a kid. For me that is when I learned that people older than me has more value than me.  Superiority and Inferiority. 

Like so many things in my life back then I did not question this. I did not ask or wonder why I must respect my elders. I only accepted the answer “ It’s good manners” – Why is it good manners? “ It’s the way it is”. That is not an answer.  The better answer was that older people went through life longer than I did and thus they need to be respected for that, but that is still not a valid reason.  Calling an elder by their name was very disrespectful.

If someone actually did something – like save a puppy from a burning building – Respect. Or someone rescuing a person that was busy drowning – Respect.  A group of people finding practical solutions to end suffering – Respect. Respecting people that are older than you just because they lived longer and it’s good manners is not real respect. It is actually Inequality. It promotes the idea that elders and children are not  Equals.

I am not saying we all should be mean to our elders – no. Simply that using fear to enforce superiority is not the way forward. A change in starting point is required.

Children, parents – older people: we all come from the same ‘physical substance’ and are all equal/one in terms of physicality and so are All other beings on this earth also unified within physicality/physical substance. No one has more ‘life’ / ‘physicality’ than another.  Respect is that we respect life, the physical – this physical existence. We consider our actions and the consequences thereof and how it will influence another life. Respect that we are in fact equals and none are more than another. The only “problem” we as humanity have that is promoting inequality/separation is the Mind/Consciousness and how we “perceive” ourselves and others through it that we do not consider our “physical equality and oneness” and how there are more important things in life/living (like getting the human mind and life on earth sorted out) than placing value into how you “greet someone”.

This way there is no fear needed. No superiority and inferiority. No senseless manners that promotes inequality. I would have liked this – it’s common sense.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Music Today cannot be Called Music - Its All about SEX/Money


britney-spears-193a When I was in school I liked the songs that played on the radio. The station played the current popular songs. My parents would be in the car and say that the music is shit - really bad music and could not understand why we liked the music. Now - many years later - I tune in the same radio station and the music is shit - it is really bad and I cannot understand why people like listening to this crap.

This is a pattern that repeats every generation. The music I listened to and liked was mostly influenced by the Media and friends at school. This was in the late 90's and onwards. Back then music was really not as bad as it is today, but definitely worse than music that came before. In comparison to true musicians and artists like Mozart and Queen most if not all music on the radio today cannot be called music anymore. If you tune in to a popular radio station almost all the songs are about sex. Here are some songs that recently played repeatedly on the radio:

Kesha Die Young :

kesha-amas-performance-03 Young hunks, taking shots
Stripping down to dirty socks
Music up, gettin' hot
Kiss me, give me all you've got
It's pretty obvious that you've got a crush (you know)
That magic in your pants, it's making me blush (for sure)

Kesha Take it off:

And they turn me on.
When they Take It Off.
When they Take It Off.
Everybody Take It Off.

Songs about taking off all your clothes while dancing at a party. Now the target group - the people who become religious fans - are young teenagers. They are the ones being influenced by this noise/music. I was definitely influence by music of my day - at least the music and lyrics was not about sex. Sex was not used or needed to promote and advertise music. Today you have ridiculous dumbed down lyrics cleverly placed over catchy tunes with female vocalist wearing hardly anything in the music Video - no effort went into the music to make a song. Instead all effort is placed on getting the songs sold to make money.

That is really the only way to make money in the music industry today. Quick, sexual with no vocal talent and spending millions just to advertise the song and make people like it - all for money. Pop artists are like the porn stars of the music industry. The question is what effect this abuse has on children who listen to this? Those artist become role models to these children and the role models represent sex. Something needs to done. Artists have a responsibility towards the fans, but none take responsibility for the music they write - its all about the money.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Day 172 - Its YOUR fault!


index Ever had that moment when somebody made you angry? Or somebody that really irritated you. For example when somebody says or does something and then you react and become all angry and attack the person verbally.

Within this it is always the other person fault for making you angry. They are the one to blame for making you react - or is it?

Let us break it down step by step and see how this process of reacting unfolds:

You are in a conversation with  friends talking about random things. Then a friend comments about your clothes saying it looks funny. You take it personally and react by getting really angry and voice something to act out on the anger you feel.  Lets say you are very particular about what you wear and pick out your clothes with specificity - now here is somebody saying your clothes look funny which contradicts your idea of how you clothes look. You perceive it as the friend insulting who you are since you picked out the clothes and thus start to defend yourself by attacking the friend verbally. Within all this you blame the friend for making you angry.

Notice here that you were the one who took it personally. You are the one you reacted. The friend did not make you do anything you did not choose to - he simply said something based on his perception and ideas about clothes and you chose to take it personally and react. Another person cannot 'make' you angry. Where is the anger? Did the other person magically transfer anger into you? No. The anger is within you - you created the anger.

Within this it is clear that you were the one responsible for creating the anger you felt. You alone were responsible for taking what was said personally and reacted on it. We cannot blame others for how we feel inside, because we create it.

This can be applied for any reaction you feel within you where you believe its the other persons fault - were you blame others for how you feel. No one can make you react  unless you allow it. there is a choice within all this. So next time when you believe somebody insulted you look inward. Look at why there is a reaction within you. For more info on this particular subject of not taking things personally and not to be controlled by what others say go to Desteni. If you want a detailed free course that shows you how to stand strong and stop feeling powerless towards other peoples reactions have a look over here: Desteni I process lite

Day 173 - When Happiness is Escaping Reality


This is a continuation and conclusion of the previous blog which you can easily access by clicking this link right here:  link

This is the self-forgiveness’s on the previous blog

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to want to feel good by looking at thing outside myself to make me feel good, because I feel down

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that I need something outside myself to get me out of feeling down

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to, when I feel down - investigate the reason  why I feel down

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize that I am the one who created/accepted and allowed the feeling of being down within me and I am responsible and thus that I am the only one who is able to clear myself from it / release it from within and as me

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize that the need to feel good is to suppress the fact that I do not feel good.

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize that when I do go from a negative - feeling down/bad - to a positive - feeling good/happy - from a point of desiring to feel good: then I did not in fact deal with the feeling of being down. I did not in fact direct it and thus it is still existent within me and is the reason why the feeling of being down will always return.

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize that the desire to feel good and to do so by finding things outside myself is me running away from my problems and not wanting to face myself and walk through the feeling of being down.

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize that the only method that is effective with dealing with a feeling of being down is to actually  find the reason - within myself - why I created this feeling and how I did so.

I commit myself to stop wanting to "uplift" myself from a feeling of being down by finding things outside myself. Instead I realize that to deal with problems within me I need to investigate the reasons why and how I created the feeling of being down in the first place and then stop it

I commit myself to take self-responsibility for what is happening inside myself and not find things outside myself to run away from that responsibility

I commit myself to stop suppressing what I feel - instead I face the points within me

I commit myself to stop the belief and idea that I am able to get myself out from feeling down by doing something fun - instead I realize that If I did not in fact direct the point the all I and doing is avoiding and suppressing the point of feeling down 

I commit myself to see, realize and understand that – I cannot ‘run away’ from myself by suppressing the bad and running to the good, because I am ALWAYS HERE WITH ME! And so therefore, I commit myself to assist and support myself to no more run and hide in the good, but face the bad/negative within me – so that I can be stable, standing, here with me and learn to LIVE me, because how can I truly live as long as I always attempt/try to ‘run’?

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Day 171 - Nestle telling it how it is! Truth and the killing of millions!



original Nestle is under fire for showing the world how it is – for telling the truth. Yes, here is a company actually telling the truth.

Nestle’s head exec, Peter Brabeck-Letmathe had these comments about the right to water.

“Water is of course the most important raw material we have today in the world.  It’s a question of whether we should privatize the normal water supply for the population. ‘’

The thing here to notice is that water is actually privatized already. That is the truth here. The proof? How do you get water? You pay for it. To get water we all have to pay for it. What about those who don’t have money to buy water? They die.

Water is important – this is obvious, because without water you die. Humans need water to live images and thus it is essentially a fundamental human right. To privatize water is to keep it from humans and denying it to humans and actually killing humans. People argue that we cannot make water a basic human right, because there is a shortage. First ask why is there a shortage? Then go look in shopping malls and the drinks section and what do we wee – cokes and sprites and all sorts of cold-drinks. Millions of water is needed to manufacture these. Pure water is more important than cold drinks and alcohol. So we need less cokes in order to have more water.

There is no argument here. There is no debating this. This is common sense. Water as a basic fundamental human right is what the Equal Life Foundation represents along with other fundamental rights which can be read here. Big corporations are busy draining the earth for profit all the while murdering millions by denying them access to water and this must be stopped. Join us for real, practical solutions.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Day 170 - Finding things to make you Happy


Life is full of ups and downs. You must look hard and find the things in life that makes you feel good. Do all you can to feel good -but what does this really imply? happiness_11

If you want to feel good then it means you feel bad/down. Then what we do is look for things to make us happy and then we are happy for a little while then we feel down again. This roller-coaster ride is not the way to go through life and very impractical.

What I have found a while ago was that I was looking for things to do - specifically something I like and enjoy. I would either watch a cool series or movie or play a game or find something outside to do. When I was done with a movie or a series I noticed that I was feeling down - at the time I did not realize this - especially when there is nothing to watch or do that I like. Basically what was happening was that I experienced myself as being down and instead of investigating the reason WHY I was feeling down what I did was look for something OUTSIDE myself to get me out of that feeling - from a negative to a positive.

What this showed me is that I was suppressing what I felt and hiding it with doing things that I like. Now I am not saying it is "wrong" or that you should not do things that you like - its cool to do so - but it is all about the starting point/reason behind what I am doing.

I am the one who created that feeling of "being down", I created that experience within myself. Within this I am the one responsible for it and thus cannot blame anything outside myself for its existence within me. The same goes for finding things OUTSIDE myself to get me out of that down feeling - this will never work. It works for a little while, but not really because what is happening is that the feeling is simply suppressed - that is why it will keep on coming back and you will keep on feeling the need to make yourself happy.

I created it - I am responsible. The only way to get yourself out of that feeling of being down is to investigate how you created it in the first place. Then forgive yourself for creating it and walk a commitment to stop creating it. That is what the Desteni process is - it is about you taking responsibility for yourself. Giving yourself the power of creation where instead of creating these feelings that bring you down and limit you you have the opportunity to make and shape yourself into a effective living human beings where you are the directive principle in your life. Join us.

Friday, 7 June 2013

You do not really know them…



Animals. We have plenty here on the farm. Before moving here to the farm I have never been around such a variety of animals: chickens, ducks, geese, horses, cats, dogs, parrots etc. It has been interesting thus far to be around them.

shot_1322837227124I always had the idea that once you see one horse you have seen them all - NOT true. We have 9 horses here and none of them are the same. They all have a uniqueness about them and once you are around them and observe them more closely for a while, you can clearly see this for yourself. Humans have become so disconnected from nature and the animals.

The same can be said for the cats and the dogs. We have many dogs and cats and all of them are different and none are the same. The parrots as well and even the chickens and ducks. I have never been around so many animals and just assumed that they are "just animals", it was only when I was here on the farm living with animals that I had the opportunity to realize just how incorrect I was with my beliefs and ideas about animals. Unless you have actually worked with animals, you really do not know anything about them.

Another thing I did not know about horses. I take care of Grootman (picture ) and what i have found is that he is a reflection of me - what I see in him is me. Horses do that - they reflect who you are and within this there is much you can learn about yourself. Grootman has taught me a lot about myself. Horses also like testing your directive principle and are extremely sneaky and manipulative to do this( yes, horses manipulate and are very sneaky). What I mean with Directive principle is that the horse wants to know if he can trust you - trust that you are able to lead effectively. If they find you cannot lead/are the directive principle then they themselves take the role by pushing you, nudging you, ignoring you and in some extreme cases kick and bite you to leave them alone. 

The farm was also the first time I had the opportunity to raise a dog by myself. With Peoper( in peopsmall picture) it has been interesting. When I first got her she was sleeping on my lap in the car and I experienced myself getting nauseous. I really had to concentrate on my breathing so that I do not puke all over the car. As I was sitting there looking at her on my lap all cute I asked myself “why Am I nauseous?” Nausea is related to fear and what i have found is a fear of raising her. I feared all the bad things that could happen to her - that I will form a connection and feared that she might die and I would have to go through that again. I was basically fearing what happened to Timeless(my precious dog who had hip-dysplasia). Also that I would not be good enough to raise her and all kinds of shit. I stopped the fears and moved on. She is almost two years old now and has a very full, joyous expression. In the end I can now clearly see that my fears were not real and simply useless self judgements. Another fun fact is that we both share the same birthday.

So humans have a warped idea about animals and are blinded from seeing who they really are. We do not see who animals are, we do not make the effort to get to know them. They are alive and each have their own self-expression and they express it to the fullest. There are so many of them on our planet , but instead of living with them, getting to know them we destroy and kill in the name of profit and greed and that has to stop. Join us to stop this once and for all, Equal Money System and by redefining human rights: read here on REAL human rights :

Equal Life Foundation

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Wildlife needs to eat - Humans deny them their food


jackals Farmers farming with livestock often face problems with wildlife. Sheep farmers are depended on their sheep. When wildlife eat their sheep they are actually eating away their profit. thus, to protect their profit they need to find ways to keep wildlife from eating their sheep. This involves trapping them, killing them or proper wildlife proof fencing.

This is an impossible situation. The reason the animals are searching for food in farmlands is because their natural habitat has been replaced by farms. We humans destroyed their habitat which destroyed their food source and thus they have no other choice but to "invade" farmers properties to get food. They also need to eat. Even water sources are fenced off - what are the animals supposed to do?

This is the dilemma - Wildlife needs food to survive and farmers need their sheep for profit in order to survive. There is no solution here and the human gets priority in these situations even though wildlife was there first.imageswefwef

Unfortunately not much is being done to protect the wildlife, because they hinder profits and as  long as money and profit is a priority in life nothing will be done to keep the animals from extermination.

This is why we need a new World system. A system where money does not dictate life. A system where profit does not take priority over life, but where life is always the priority. A system where we can find real permanent solutions to this particular dilemma and many others. Solutions that are not limited by money or funding such as they are today. Investigate the Equal Money System for real practical solutions.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

A point of Regret - A Practical Solution



To regret is wanting to re-get, meaning we want to get the moment again and make a different choice and change the outcome into something we do not regret. Today I am looking at regret.

Regret is like a broken record - the memory of the event/situation you regret plays over and regret-1over in your head and this activates that heavy feeling and we live with it for the rest of our lives - haunted by a memory. The first thing to notice here is that it starts with a thought - that thought brings up a memory and that memory brings up an emotion. A vicious repetitive pattern that plays over and over. 

Today I was look at my experience of myself and what came up was regret. Looking at back at my life and all the time I had and what I did with it. I could have done more, I should have done more, I would have done more. Could have, should have, would have - these are the the prominent backchat that usually comes with regret.  What is not realized is that regret is pointless - It does not contribute to anything. It is mulling over the past, but you cannot change the past. If I went back to that same moment - I will do exactly the thing, because who I am has not changed - If I could have done something different I would have, but I did not not. The point of regret is not to go into an emotional experience within yourself, it is to learn and develop yourself.


Regret is when you see what not to do. It is an opportunity to develop yourself and learn to become  more effective by never repeating the mistake that was made. It is then to change yourself now so that when you RE get that moment - when that moment/point comes up again in the future - you will make a decision/take an action that you will not regret.


Defining and living regret as it is written in above transforms regret from something that brings you down and controls your life to something you direct. To no longer dwell on the past and be controlled and directed by it, but instead you direct your life. within this you have the opportunity to expand yourself and develop your effectiveness as a living human being.

Join us at Desteni and learn what it is to become an effective living human being where you take control of your life and become the directive principle within it