Wednesday, 26 June 2013

People should not have animals if they cannot take care of them



I always had a pet dog. I grew up with always having a dog. I loved my pets treated them with respect and took care of them. We lived near the ocean and just before the beach there was a big pond area and I used to play there allot (Back then it was still safe to play in a pond ). We used to look for tadpoles and frogs, because they were fascinating – we went into the pond every day and watched the growth process of the tadpoles. We would see how the legs started to form and eventually they turned to frogs and it was really cool.

I remember some kids that would take the poor tadpoles and squash them. This was utterly disturbing to me and my friends. Unfortunately there are some kids that have a complete disregard for nature. How and why is that kid so different than I was?

I was taught to take care of animals and to treat them right. The other kid was not. It is the responsibility of the parents to teach children how to take care of animals, but often the parents do not even no how and so nature suffers.

Then you have people who have pets, but do not take care of them. They do not give the animal the proper care it needs. This can simply be a disregard for life and deliberate abuse or they do not know how – the point remains that nobody should have access to any animal unless they can effectively take care of it or have the necessary respect for them.

Unfortunately animals are regarded as not really important. Humans believe they superior and animals are just animals. Which is not true. This belief is what is causing major destruction in nature and the extinction and abuse of animals. That kid who squished tadpoles for fun will grow up never considering nature.

This should be one of the fundamental education of a child – how to care and treat animals. Animals are a part of our lives - We share this planet with them. When it is proven that a person can take care of the particular pet it wants only then should they be able to have a pet. This is how it should be and will stop animal abuse.

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