Saturday, 15 June 2013

Music Today cannot be Called Music - Its All about SEX/Money


britney-spears-193a When I was in school I liked the songs that played on the radio. The station played the current popular songs. My parents would be in the car and say that the music is shit - really bad music and could not understand why we liked the music. Now - many years later - I tune in the same radio station and the music is shit - it is really bad and I cannot understand why people like listening to this crap.

This is a pattern that repeats every generation. The music I listened to and liked was mostly influenced by the Media and friends at school. This was in the late 90's and onwards. Back then music was really not as bad as it is today, but definitely worse than music that came before. In comparison to true musicians and artists like Mozart and Queen most if not all music on the radio today cannot be called music anymore. If you tune in to a popular radio station almost all the songs are about sex. Here are some songs that recently played repeatedly on the radio:

Kesha Die Young :

kesha-amas-performance-03 Young hunks, taking shots
Stripping down to dirty socks
Music up, gettin' hot
Kiss me, give me all you've got
It's pretty obvious that you've got a crush (you know)
That magic in your pants, it's making me blush (for sure)

Kesha Take it off:

And they turn me on.
When they Take It Off.
When they Take It Off.
Everybody Take It Off.

Songs about taking off all your clothes while dancing at a party. Now the target group - the people who become religious fans - are young teenagers. They are the ones being influenced by this noise/music. I was definitely influence by music of my day - at least the music and lyrics was not about sex. Sex was not used or needed to promote and advertise music. Today you have ridiculous dumbed down lyrics cleverly placed over catchy tunes with female vocalist wearing hardly anything in the music Video - no effort went into the music to make a song. Instead all effort is placed on getting the songs sold to make money.

That is really the only way to make money in the music industry today. Quick, sexual with no vocal talent and spending millions just to advertise the song and make people like it - all for money. Pop artists are like the porn stars of the music industry. The question is what effect this abuse has on children who listen to this? Those artist become role models to these children and the role models represent sex. Something needs to done. Artists have a responsibility towards the fans, but none take responsibility for the music they write - its all about the money.

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  1. Cool Fidelis. The music industry has definitely changed. It is more about portraying a certain image. It is based on pictures and sex and shit like that and not music for the sake of music. Music would be completely different if we took away all the images that are involved with music today.