Sunday, 30 June 2013

Seriously - What happened with the Apocalypse??


I am 25 years old. It seems like it was only a moment ago when finished school at 18. The supposed apocalypse of 2012 seems to be just the other day. Where are all those people who prophesied the end of the world? Where are all those who believed they were going to ascend to the 5th dimension? Why are they still here? Why are people not demanding answers from them? Why can they can see that it was all a hoax? Desteni already said long ago that nothing will happen and that is exactly what happened. The question should be asked who made allot of money out of this? Did you spend money on survival kits? Seminars? Billboards?

The one thing you find is excuses and justifications. Saying that they got the date wrong – even though they were dam sure it was the right date and so the date gets postpone far in the future. Other say that humanity has in deed gone through a inner change brought by a superior force and that we all will have a greater understanding of things now that this thing is unlocked in our heads. It has been six months and all I see the same shit on the news. In fact – the stories are getting worse and worse. More crazy and totally psychotic behavior happens frequently. Another point Desteni predicted – that things will be getting worse on earth.

To all doomsday believers – it is time to realize that everybody has been taking on a ride. A money train that goes into the pockets of those who promote the idea. It is simply another method of capitalizing on our fears.

Doomsday exist for billions on earth already. Imagine to live in a world where you wake up not knowing if you will be able to quench your thirst or fill your belly whilst living right next to a water purification station. The water is fenced off – the food inaccessible – because there is not enough money to buy the food in order to stay alive. That is hell. That is doom – to starve to death. Go without food for even a day to get a tiny glimpse of what hunger is and realize it is many times more worse for billions of people on earth (please don’t actually do this – your body will not be happy with you and might act out in revenge by getting sick).

So let us rather stop a moment and find solutions for this doom that exist on earth. Let us rather ascend and leave a dignified earth behind – so that those that get left behind have the means to have a dignified life. Only then – when we are sure that no one will starve – can we look at going off to another dimension. But you will find you might just want to rather stay behind…

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