Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Wildlife needs to eat - Humans deny them their food


jackals Farmers farming with livestock often face problems with wildlife. Sheep farmers are depended on their sheep. When wildlife eat their sheep they are actually eating away their profit. thus, to protect their profit they need to find ways to keep wildlife from eating their sheep. This involves trapping them, killing them or proper wildlife proof fencing.

This is an impossible situation. The reason the animals are searching for food in farmlands is because their natural habitat has been replaced by farms. We humans destroyed their habitat which destroyed their food source and thus they have no other choice but to "invade" farmers properties to get food. They also need to eat. Even water sources are fenced off - what are the animals supposed to do?

This is the dilemma - Wildlife needs food to survive and farmers need their sheep for profit in order to survive. There is no solution here and the human gets priority in these situations even though wildlife was there first.imageswefwef

Unfortunately not much is being done to protect the wildlife, because they hinder profits and as  long as money and profit is a priority in life nothing will be done to keep the animals from extermination.

This is why we need a new World system. A system where money does not dictate life. A system where profit does not take priority over life, but where life is always the priority. A system where we can find real permanent solutions to this particular dilemma and many others. Solutions that are not limited by money or funding such as they are today. Investigate the Equal Money System for real practical solutions.

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