Thursday, 27 June 2013

Day 179 - Everybody makes mistakes


Everybody makes mistakes

1235684684 The first time I saw these words was on a shirt. On the shirt it was written “ EVERYBODY MAKES MISTAKES”. I looked at this shirt and I felt relieved. I thought that it was awesome that everybody makes mistakes. It is not just me. It is ok to make mistakes, because everybody else also makes mistakes. It showed me that nobody is perfect and no matter that I do I will make mistakes just like everybody else.

It also shows the general belief of humanity – that the human is imperfect and will always f**k up. That no matter how hard you try you will always make mistakes. It promotes limitation. It is a very nice statement that justifies limitation and actually makes you feel good for being limited.

no_bullshitI completely disagree with this statement of limitation. Yes - everybody makes mistakes, but that should not make you feel good for being imperfect and part of a world full of mistakes. It should motivate you to become perfect. That is the point of mistakes – to learn from them and never make the same mistake twice. Then you stop making the same mistake.

Everybody makes mistakes – that should make us all feel ashamed for being human. It is like the statement “ nobody is perfect”. Why the f**k not? Why can the human not be perfect? Why should I accept this limitation? I did not ask these questions. I saw it as a very nice statement and it made me feel good not to be perfect. It is a very nice justification and excuse to not find a way to be perfect.

So – it is cool to make mistakes, because it is the best way to learn. You learn from mistakes and move on with new found wisdom that can be used to not make the same mistake again. Perfection comes from learning from your mistakes and pushing through to not make them again. The 7 year journey to life is a journey to perfection. Let us stop this limitation and justification of rewarding imperfections and instead become perfect human beings:


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