Friday, 7 June 2013

You do not really know them…



Animals. We have plenty here on the farm. Before moving here to the farm I have never been around such a variety of animals: chickens, ducks, geese, horses, cats, dogs, parrots etc. It has been interesting thus far to be around them.

shot_1322837227124I always had the idea that once you see one horse you have seen them all - NOT true. We have 9 horses here and none of them are the same. They all have a uniqueness about them and once you are around them and observe them more closely for a while, you can clearly see this for yourself. Humans have become so disconnected from nature and the animals.

The same can be said for the cats and the dogs. We have many dogs and cats and all of them are different and none are the same. The parrots as well and even the chickens and ducks. I have never been around so many animals and just assumed that they are "just animals", it was only when I was here on the farm living with animals that I had the opportunity to realize just how incorrect I was with my beliefs and ideas about animals. Unless you have actually worked with animals, you really do not know anything about them.

Another thing I did not know about horses. I take care of Grootman (picture ) and what i have found is that he is a reflection of me - what I see in him is me. Horses do that - they reflect who you are and within this there is much you can learn about yourself. Grootman has taught me a lot about myself. Horses also like testing your directive principle and are extremely sneaky and manipulative to do this( yes, horses manipulate and are very sneaky). What I mean with Directive principle is that the horse wants to know if he can trust you - trust that you are able to lead effectively. If they find you cannot lead/are the directive principle then they themselves take the role by pushing you, nudging you, ignoring you and in some extreme cases kick and bite you to leave them alone. 

The farm was also the first time I had the opportunity to raise a dog by myself. With Peoper( in peopsmall picture) it has been interesting. When I first got her she was sleeping on my lap in the car and I experienced myself getting nauseous. I really had to concentrate on my breathing so that I do not puke all over the car. As I was sitting there looking at her on my lap all cute I asked myself “why Am I nauseous?” Nausea is related to fear and what i have found is a fear of raising her. I feared all the bad things that could happen to her - that I will form a connection and feared that she might die and I would have to go through that again. I was basically fearing what happened to Timeless(my precious dog who had hip-dysplasia). Also that I would not be good enough to raise her and all kinds of shit. I stopped the fears and moved on. She is almost two years old now and has a very full, joyous expression. In the end I can now clearly see that my fears were not real and simply useless self judgements. Another fun fact is that we both share the same birthday.

So humans have a warped idea about animals and are blinded from seeing who they really are. We do not see who animals are, we do not make the effort to get to know them. They are alive and each have their own self-expression and they express it to the fullest. There are so many of them on our planet , but instead of living with them, getting to know them we destroy and kill in the name of profit and greed and that has to stop. Join us to stop this once and for all, Equal Money System and by redefining human rights: read here on REAL human rights :

Equal Life Foundation

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