Saturday, 29 June 2013

Day 181 - Can memories actually influence Taste?


Continuing with the food like and dislike point.

As a kid I did not like broccoli. Another thing I did not like was spinach and it was also about the sugar point. No matter how tasty Pop ‘Eye made it look it was pretty nasty stuff for me since it was the opposite of sugar.

So why do we dislike and like different food? The human body is born with the same stuff for all of us. We have the same taste buds so what makes me like a food and another dislike the same food? One food sort I still so not like is Liver. Chicken liver is nasty stuff, but some people really like it. Liver is very nutritious, but taste horrible. The first time I heard of liver I linked it to my own liver – meaning it was weird to eat chicken liver, because I have liver. Never mind that I also have meat like a chicken – that did not bother me – but the word liver was gross and so the food was gross.

If I was born in a village in some forest I would probably like eating some insects, because that is what I am used to. It would seem that food taste pretty much the same to all of us, but location, memories, ideas and believes have made us like and dislike a particular taste. It is very fascinating, because a belief we have created that this food type is gross will actually make some get nauseous and throw up. It is all simply and idea created. Some food the body actually does react to though like those with gluten allergy or lactose intolerant.

Sugar is like magic – add it in things and people like and buy it. Along with gluten most things in a grocery store has sugar in it. Why? Because then it taste good and people buy it and the company makes money. They get us used to sweet things from childhood with those “its good for your kids” sugar laced cereal and then we get hooked on sugar and keep buy it till the day our bodies give out.

What would a grocery store look like if real studies were made on the effect of a particular product and they actually warn you about it on the box like they do with cigarettes? ON the coke can it will say – WARNING: HIGH SUGAR INTAKE MAY CAUSE DIABETES. What if all harmfull products were removed from the shelves? The store will stand pretty empty as most things can harm the body. Alas, they do not warn people. Not even on Alcohol. On Every can it should say – WARNING: ALCOHOL MOST DANGEROUS DRUG ON EARTH AND CAUSES MORE DEATH THAN ANY OTHER DRUG. Nope, instead they only warn about cigarettes.

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