Saturday, 28 May 2011

I want to be (a)Life when I grow up.


If we have a look at the focal point of the current world system we can see it is to become someone successful – in other words to make money to live.

What do you want to be when you grow up?career-choices

Most of us get asked this question. It always irritated me and made me anxious, because I had no idea what I want to do. Those luckily enough(those with money) who get asked this question have quite a list of careers. The focus here is to choose something that will make enough money to support yourself.

But let us have a look at what is happening – The only option we have is to make money. We don’t really have any choice. We have to survive. We have conditioned and limited ourselves in order to be effective in this world economic system. And in this game of survivor we have lost ourselves. What is the point of Life if it all about surviving? Shouldn’t the point of Life be to Live?

Learn to Become Lifedip

Why can’t the answer to ‘’What do you want to be’’ be Life. That option does not exist in our educational system. To become Life is not exist anywhere. You can’t make money out of it.

There is only one course that offers the option to Become Life AND make MONEY – Desteni I Process

Follow the Link and see how to become unconditioned and end all limitations while getting a substantial amount of income to become that which has been long forgotten – Life.

A way to End this cycle of abuse in the name of surviving is a new world economic system – namely the Equal Money System.

With the Equal Money System you are born as Life. And Life will for the first time in human history be honoured.

Don’t wait until it’s too late – Investigate Equal Money System. ems

Why Sex Sells–Why We Just Cant Get Enough.


Sex. We live for it. Will do almoford_091207st everything for it. We are automasex-sells-lynxtically drawn to it. It is used everywhere in advertising to catch our attention to buy stuff. And it is accepted as OK to exploit us.

We are programmed to be directed by desire and will follow this pursuit for love. Love and sex go hand in hand. When you see a woman that you like what attracted to first was the looks and thus the possible sex you can have with this woman. Be selfhonest.

Nothing to do with personality – We have supressed ourselves with the idea of ‘’being civil’’, but underneath it all lurks the horny fuck constantly looking for the next best elevation of ecstasy.

And the advertising companies know allot more than the general public do about human nature and how to exploit it. It has been working for a very very long time. Which places the individual in a bit of a dilemma – how can you stop being exploited by others? Stop being controlled and brainwashed? Just how does one get unaffected by any kind of manipulation and exploitation?

With the Desteni I Process Online course. Where we learn to become that which has long been forgotten – Life.

Cant Exploit that which does not exist within you.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Girl shoots dad with arrow over Cellphone


A 15 year old girl shot her dad with an arrow after he grounded and took her cellphone away. bow-and-arrow-embroidery-8

You know those thoughts in your head where you get back at someone, or have fights in your head with someone or imagine doing serious harm to a particular person? With these thoughts there are usually anger and rage attached. Eventually these accumulate and compound until one day you snap, become completely possessed with all that rage and anger and you act it out.

We are not taught how to deal with these kind of problems. Most are taught what is ‘’good’’ and what is ‘’bad’’, but that still doesn't stop the thoughts and how you feel about a particular situation or person.

How can you stop this from happening? The Desteni I Process provides tools where we become self directed. Not allowing those thoughts to even exist within you. Where you can effectively direct any event in your life.

Including getting financially stable. With a ‘’learn while you earn’’ approach you can make some serious money.

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Sunday, 22 May 2011

It Itches–Therefore I Scratch

I have created a habit of scratching the back of my neck. It really itches sometimes and that is why i scratch it.
But why does it itch? If I go back and look at my thoughts to the moments where My neck start to itch I see that it is moments where I don't Direct myself effectively, usually moments of indecision.
So now it has become an automated action of scratching. I stop this by stopping the thoughts by directing myself in the moment.

So we create the habits – we have to look at all the actions we make, even the smallest ones to make sure that it is self directed.  You will be surprised how many little things go unnoticed.

Join the Desteni I process to become self directed as well as self sufficient by making money while you are perfecting yourself.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

The Saviour complex

Since I was a child I wanted to be a hero. That was because of the TV shows I watched with friends like ‘’Power Rangers’’ and other comics. They made it look so cool, and since then I thought it would be cool to save somebody.

I used to fantasise imaginary events where there is someone in trouble, usually a girl I liked, and I come to the rescue and is then admired by the girl – your typical Hero situation exploited everywhere.

When I was in high school I enjoyed listening to my friend’s issues and problems they had and help anyway I could – It made me feel good and needed. I still imagined scenarios few times daily where I save somebody – it was one of my favourite pass times.

When it was time for me to choose a new member to the farm, a dog, I went searching. And when I saw the picture of timeless something inside me clicked in place and we got her. Only after we got Timeless did we see that she had the problem with her leg.

(Timeless ‘s Story: needed saving.

We make decisions based on who we are at the moment of the choice. And at that time I still had the desire to save somebody in some way. My Structural resonance of that time and my desire to save were some of the factors involved in the decision to get her.

It shows that who we are dictates our lives. I am not saying that we should not assist people, but to look at the starting point. For me that was to feel good, to feel appreciated and needed and loved. I wanted that because I didn’t appreciate myself, didn’t value myself. With my participation of the Desteni I Process I have realized that I don’t need others to validate me, that I can give myself that which I seek from others.

Then my starting point to assist people isn’t to get some kind of reward, but to genuinely assist someone, because that is what I would have liked for myself. I see the value of assistance and where it got me and without it I wouldn’t have been where I am now. Without some assistance to sort out our bullshit we would all be stuck living the same abusive patterns. The tools of Desteni I Process and the support from all the participants are of great assistance to sort out myself. It is what you get with a group of people dedicated to sort out this world starting with self.

Join Desteni I Process.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

I Breathe Life

When I first came to Desteni I was a zombie. The silent type, introvert and had no clear plans for the future. If I had to explain my experience of myself back then it was as if I was standing back inside myself – almost like sitting back and watching a movie. I did not participate really and avoided conversations with people. All this was the aftermath of not wanting to feel again when my mother died.

So since participating with Desteni I have had and have a lot of support that assisted me with these points. I was able to realize that the reason for my zombie state depression was because of my mother and was able to move past that. I would never have made that connection on a conscious level and probably would have ended up drifting through life as a lifeless body – or killed myself.

I was able to breathe life into me again and I could see my eyes become alive as I experienced myself for the first time in many years. I could feel myself as I moved through my body and was amazed at the simplicity of the words I spoke and understand – I am Here.

With the tools of the Desteni I Process I gave myself Life, I moved on. I realized points within myself that I never would have considered possible. I am the creator of myself and all my experiences and have been redesigning myself so that I can be effective in everything I do.

I Found myself - Desteni I Process