Saturday, 13 August 2011

Dealing With Failure:



Perfection – There is one saying that i always thought was really cool ‘’eveTJI_ClearChannel_Fallingrybody makes mistakes’’. That made me feel good about myself, because if i make a mistake then it is ok – everybody else does as well.

That good feeling was short lived because as i grew up  i realized that even though everybody makes mistakes, there are consequences for those mistakes. But that's another story.

The point is that in this process of self  and peeling of the layers of self and facing various aspects of yourself – you make allot of mistakes.

I have struggled with points and like all Destonians have fallen and faced failure. I was always hard on myself and still am when i cannot break though or transcend a particular point within myself. And being hard on myself i have actually made standing up again allot more difficult.

When making a miss take – instead of learning from it i tend to hold on to the idea and feeling that i am a failure. And when i struggle with a point i bring back all of my previous mistakes and failures and pile it up with the next one.

This where backchat is a bitch – I eventually go through all my failures and mistakes over and over – refusing to see what i have accomplished so far – and then eventually all that remains is the failure.

And then i believe that to be true – from there everything else starts with the preconceived idea that i will fail. And then that is exactly what happens  - I have created it. And it started with a thought.

EveryBody makes mistakes – this doesn't mean that perfection is not possible – simply not to be hard on yourself when you make a mistake, but to move on.You are not defined by your failures – but your ability to stand up from it.  Learn from it and move on.

Join us the quest of self perfection and dealing with failure   - Desteni I process.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Desteniproductions Terminated–What Now?


YouTube Decided today to Terminate DESTENIPRODUCTIONS,  BERNARDPOOLMAN, DESTENIEXPOSED and DESTENIMONEY and DESTENIPRODDEMONS due to alleged violations – These channels have in no way violated any terms of use regarding the terms.

They were all taken down pretty much at the same time. The message of equality and real practical solutions is what was being presented and that is what is being silenced. Up to 3000 supportive videos!

YouTube is deceptive – they will keep videos like porn but terminate those that stand for life.

BUT – those are only 5 channels. And to those haters who still don't get it – We are many – Desteni is a  GROUP of individuals who are working towards a solution for this life. And as a growing group of people we will not stop.

Yes it started with Desteni – a principle – Desteniproductions. But now those who can see and hear the message and who are busy incorporating the principle of life in their daily lives  as the Destonians we have become will not stop.

I cant stop – I see this world is in desperate need for change and im not the only one. Its common sense that cannot be denied.

So if anything this will only strengthen our resolve.