Thursday, 26 December 2013

Christians Have failed Jesus for 2013 years!!!


LoveThyNeighborAsThyself And so we are at the end of the year 2013 – a year after the world ended. We are at the end of another Christmas and the year 2014 is upon us. For me Christmas time is very inconvenient – Town gets so busy with people doing bargain shopping that it is almost impossible to do basic food shopping. It also is a frustrating time of the year, because hypocrisy is all over the place.

Christmas time is a time for giving – but it is actually just people buying useless crap for each other that apparently shows how much they care for each other. Companies love holiday season. Families come together reminding each other how important family is and that family stick together and help each other. What most do not realize is that the only reason they can celebrate Christmas is because they have money. Money makes Christmas possible. Money is needed to buy and drive the car for a family get-together. Money is needed to buy the Christmas meal. Money, money, money.

Most do not have money – what about them? Why should they be left outside in the cold and with no food? Why after 2013 years of celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ have we not been able to end poverty? Christmas is celebrating the birth of a man that stood for helping others – to love other as yourself – to give as you would like to receive – Yet we have live 2013 years of hypocrisy, because we as humanity can’t even feed all of humanity.

Every Christmas should actually be a day of shame – how can we celebrate when so many suffer each day? Why is there nothing being done? Why do we settle for the temporary solutions that only help some of those that suffer and not opt for permanent solutions that help all?

A Guaranteed Living Income will be a solution. It will end poverty when fully implemented. That would be the greatest gift we can give each other. Money is what is needed to be able to live in this world. With a Guaranteed Living Income survival ends and living begins. Maybe at the 2014th celebration of the Birth of Jesus Christ we can have a Christmas without shame and hypocrisy – because the will be a Guaranteed Living Income.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

"Free Range" chicken not actually free range.



You go to the shop and see written on the chicken packet “free range”. The image you have is chickens on a big piece of land roaming free all day. So it makes you feel good when you buy free range chicken, because at least the chicken had a good life. Unfortunately this is not true.

1_chickens_wide-408x264 See, “Free range chicken” has no set definition therefor companies selling the chicken can put a “free range” sticker on their products. For example in the picture to your right those chickens are actually defined as “free range”. They are all squashed tightly into a massive coop where they often peck at each other, because they are too stressed. They are not designed to be so many chickens in such a small confined space so many die. But rest assured – it is “free range” chicken.

This makes it very difficult for people, because you do not actually know if what you buy is really free range or not. We have come to believe what is written on labels is the truth – as if companies are not allowed to lie on their products. And in a way they do not, because “free range” is not clearly defined. There so many loop hole allowed in the system and it is set up like that deliberately in the name of PROFIT. I would like to know why?

chickens resize Why not define “free range’’ clearly? Free range should be animals that are outside in sunshine and fields with sufficient space for them to actually roam about. The space required should be based on the animals need. In fact when I see free range chicken on a product those chickens should have lived at a place like in the picture to your left. This is what should have been done in the beginning, but it is not.

So next time you buy “free range” chicken – it is most likely not, unless there is a way for you to track down the farm where the chickens are bred and see for yourself.

Friday, 6 December 2013

True Mercy for the Rhinos? A Way permanently End their suffering?


Rhino stat 2012_cropped We live next to a nature reserve and yesterday I saw 3 rhinos grazing next to the fence of the reserve. I wondered how long they will live and when they will be poached like so many others in South Africa. Why with so many charities already existing to "save the rhino" are rhino poaching's rising?

Rhino poaching is a horrific thing. They shoot the poor animal and then hack of its horn – sometimes the animal is still alive while its horn is being hacked off. All this is done for money, because the worth of that horn is more than gold. For poachers a rhino is basically an animal with golden horns. The horns are sold to those who believe the horn have great medicinal properties.

Let us talk figures. From the year 2000 till 2007 the number of rhino’s poached was under 30 a year. In 2008 the number skyrocketed to 83 which was almost 8 times more than 2007 where only 13 were murdered. Then in 2009 a 122 were killed. In 2010 there were 333 killed. Two years later in 2012 the number doubled to 668 rhinos killed. That is frightening.


So what is the solution? Is there one? Currently there are a lot of charities raking in money to “save the rhino”, but the figures shows clearly that whatever these charities are doing it is not actually saving the rhino. In fact – many people and companies are actually profiting from this where you donate money and a small portion actually goes towards “saving the rhino”, but most towards companies and people. In the end what the figures show is that the number will continuously increase until all the rhinos are eventually wiped out.

What will we write about the history of the rhino when it’s finally extinct? The rhino was horrifically poached to extinction and suffered greatly based on a belief that it cures cancer and other illnesses. Well done humans.


One method to try and “save the Rhino” is to dehorn them. This requires sedating them and carefully cutting of the horn to make it worthless to poachers. This sounds like a good idea, but unfortunately did not work. You cannot completely remove the horn so when you cut it off there is still a small stump left. That small stump is still very valuably and poachers still killed the dehorned rhinos. Some poachers killed the Dehorned Rhinos simply to make it easier for them to find Horned Rhinos.

Also, the horn grows back. You have to dehorn the poor animal every year to keep it at minimal length. The costs involved to dehorn one rhinos is estimated to be around US$1,000. To dehorn all the rhinos in the Kruger national park only once will cost US$5.8-8.8 million. And not all the Rhinos survive the dehorning process –there are sometimes veterinary complications while the animal is under anesthetic that may result in death. The more frequently the rhinos are immobilized, the greater the risk.

Poisoning the Horn

Another method is injecting poison into the horn so that when people digest the horn it will make them sick, but this requires the rhino to be sedated and not all survive this process.

A Solution?

It would seem that we humans are at a loss. We do not have any way to “save the rhino”. Every year the number increases no matter what is being done to prevent it. No matter what we do the rhinos suffer. Will we give Mercy to the Rhinos? Is there a way to end their suffering permanently? The only mercy we can give them is to kill them all. Shoot them to save them. Kill them before the poachers get to them – because when the poachers get to them they will be hacked to death and left bleeding. Most will protest a solution like this, because it is not humane or morally the right thing to do. But if being humane is being compassionate we can see that humans are not humane. The compassionate thing to do is to make sure that no Rhino suffers ever again – what then would you do to end their suffering?