Thursday, 28 April 2011

Unarmed Woman Shot outside police Station by cop

A Woman drove into the back of a police patrol van just outside Kempton Park police station. The car guard ran into the station to report the accident. The sergeant then walked out of the station for 30, calmly approaching the woman's car. He stopped at the passenger window, pulled out his gun and fired a single shot into her upper body. He then walked back into the police station.

Seconds later he comes back outside to have a proper look at the woman he shot, the car guard insisted he should call an ambulance but the cop replied:'' She is dying already, there is no point in calling the ambulance.''

This is a example of manifested backchat. When you keep on having fights in your head with someone, or take something personally and snap at someone in anger, you fuel this anger. Then one day you simply snap and get completely possessed by this anger and you lash out - having devastating consequences.

To stop this from happening we need to stop the urge to snap at people and stop thoughts that will eventually manifest into an event. The Desteni I process has the tools that we can use to assist ourselves with stopping abusive behavior so that such events as mentioned above doesn't happen. Where one can be the directive principle in your life.

My experience with backchat so far was that when i take something personally i reacted immediately with anger, usually trying to get back at the person with mean words or in my head I make sure they come out second best. But that anger got worse overtime. I managed to get to a point where i stop participating in it, meaning that i used to be angry for most the day before i calmed down.
Now when the thoughts come up i stop them, and I don't wallow in for most the day.

So if you experience any thing similar to this, know that if you don't stop it completely, eventually you will become it and the consequences will be dire.
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