Wednesday, 6 April 2011

To Become Perfect - Join the Desteni I Process

From childhood we observe the world around us, form a perception about it and live accordingly. We adapt behavior patterns on an unconscious level that becomes  part of our personality.  

Its like action and reaction. When this happens, i must react like this.When somebody says this, i must reply with this. And throughout  our lives we  have programmed ourselves into who we are today.

Almost all of our behavior patterns are not supporting what is best for all, meaning it is either actions that are based on self interest or are abuse to ourselves and\or others. We say nasty things to others deep in our secret minds.

We justify these actions saying that its just who I am. But that can change.

With the Desteni I process tools are provided were you take responsibility for your self. Look at all the behavior patterns, thoughts , feelings and emotions that are not supportive to you and others and stop them.
Not only stop them but redesign yourself into somebody who is effective.

It is a total reprogramming of self so that my actions are that which I would like it to be, always. And as you go through this course you can make an income by sharing your process.

So you become perfect and you get money for doing it.

 To become Perfect and achieve financial stability - Desteni I process

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