Saturday, 8 June 2013

Day 170 - Finding things to make you Happy


Life is full of ups and downs. You must look hard and find the things in life that makes you feel good. Do all you can to feel good -but what does this really imply? happiness_11

If you want to feel good then it means you feel bad/down. Then what we do is look for things to make us happy and then we are happy for a little while then we feel down again. This roller-coaster ride is not the way to go through life and very impractical.

What I have found a while ago was that I was looking for things to do - specifically something I like and enjoy. I would either watch a cool series or movie or play a game or find something outside to do. When I was done with a movie or a series I noticed that I was feeling down - at the time I did not realize this - especially when there is nothing to watch or do that I like. Basically what was happening was that I experienced myself as being down and instead of investigating the reason WHY I was feeling down what I did was look for something OUTSIDE myself to get me out of that feeling - from a negative to a positive.

What this showed me is that I was suppressing what I felt and hiding it with doing things that I like. Now I am not saying it is "wrong" or that you should not do things that you like - its cool to do so - but it is all about the starting point/reason behind what I am doing.

I am the one who created that feeling of "being down", I created that experience within myself. Within this I am the one responsible for it and thus cannot blame anything outside myself for its existence within me. The same goes for finding things OUTSIDE myself to get me out of that down feeling - this will never work. It works for a little while, but not really because what is happening is that the feeling is simply suppressed - that is why it will keep on coming back and you will keep on feeling the need to make yourself happy.

I created it - I am responsible. The only way to get yourself out of that feeling of being down is to investigate how you created it in the first place. Then forgive yourself for creating it and walk a commitment to stop creating it. That is what the Desteni process is - it is about you taking responsibility for yourself. Giving yourself the power of creation where instead of creating these feelings that bring you down and limit you you have the opportunity to make and shape yourself into a effective living human beings where you are the directive principle in your life. Join us.

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