Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Why Wait for Ascension before we better ourselves? Why not change now?



isn't It frustrating that you have to wait? Do you ever Wonder if what you are doing is good enough? Will you be granted ascension rights after all you hard work?

How about the waiting for the SHIFT – Will you be granted the power of understanding and achieve a higher consciousness? What if the cosmos grants you unworthy?

I propose a solution – and alternative where you are the one who determines your future. Where you no longer have to wait and wonder what if you miss it – the shift – or what if you left behind. For the first time you direct your life. I will share with you the power to place your life in your own hands.

Where you Become the Master of your Own Desteni.

You can join me with many others who are learning to become the masters of their life here  - the Desteni I Process And the Free Version - http://lite.desteniiprocess.com/

With the tools of the Desteni I process you will learn how you became who you are and then how to change who you are to become more effective and to develop an awareness of life that has not been considered possible. Where you can become immune to mass media manipulation and not be directed by anyone but yourself.

Imagine that – YOUR life in YOUR hands. You can start the SHIFT into common sense awareness that is not only practical but also doable along with many others doing the Desteni I process.

So don't wait until its too late. Stop worrying and start learning with us. We are also designing a new world system where no being has to suffer needlessly – the Equal Money System – so that you wont even need to ascend anymore, because as one group together we will make this world a place where nobody would want to leave. True heaven on earth.

Go to Desteni.org and join us in the forum discussions

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