Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Day 139 - Machine Gun Preacher

If you haven'’t watched this movie then do so.
I watched this the other day and was simply amazed at this guy. Its about a man who lived his life doing bad things. He started going to church and chose to change his ways. He also has a wife and a child in the movie. Its based on a true story of this guy named Sam Childers.  27-07-2009child
He got a job owning a constructing business and one if his jobs was in Sudan  Africa.
I don't want to reveal too much of the movie - my words wont be able to describe what that guy did. He dedicated his life - really dedicated it - to take care for children in Sudan from the war. The rebels - what they do is attack villages rape and kill every woman and kill every man. The children they force to join them and train them to become soldiers. Sometimes they force the child to kill his own mother.
What Sam Childers did was did everything he could to save the children - to build them a save haven regardless of the danger to his own life. He really cared for them - like really care. i was amazed how somebody could care so much for children he does not know. He saw children in need and did something about it- no matter what it cost him.
Now why he is called Machine Gun Preacher you'll have to watch the movie. Watch it anyway to get some prospective.
It is  horror seeing what those people are going through - those children and it is happening everyday. And we live our lives with nit a care in the world. if a group of people came to your country - South Africa, America or whatever - and went into suburbs killing everyone before forcing the children to shoot their own mothers and taking the children to make child soldiers  - what do you think will happen? Will we do nothing and let it go on? No, Action will be taken immediately - we rich countries are civilized and order must be kept.
images When it happens to our neighbor countries we do basically nothing - we simply cant even give 2 shits. All they do is say the following: ''We condemn the actions of the rebels''.  Which actually means  '' we are forced to say something about it - but refuse to do something about it - we do care though '''.
Things like this make me want the world to end - it would be so much easier. Like when you have an animal and its hurt and suffering and nothing to do to save it you have to put it out of its misery - we should put down the human race - We are nothing but ticks and fleas on a living organism called earth - and in my opinion A earth Doctor should give the earth Frontline - to rid us from this earth. We are really evil beings.
Some say you cannot sum up the humans race based on the actions of a few bad people. YES you can. Look at the world - the way we humans live is disgusting. If you really look you will see that every human is evil unless you do everything in your power to find solutions to make this world free from suffering. Instead we say its impossible. Evil we are indeed.
Its not impossible, just different. Help create a system where no suffering exists - where money will no longer limit those who really care. Where everything will be done to make sure there is no suffering. People need homes, build them. People need food, feed them. People need electricity, give them. People need sustainable renewable energy, research is and implement it. There are no limitations. Vote and participate at Show you care.
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  1. It is horror seeing what those people are going through - those children and it is happening everyday.
    NDT Machine