Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Day 85 - Change with assistance from Desteni (part 1)


Here i am going to write about one of the many ways i have changed with the assistance of the Desteni Tools.

Before i became a part of this group I was a ridiculously lazy person. In school I never really read books  so for my book reports I always used the same book - which i read when i was a child. I always finished homework the night before or the morning at school and sometimes i simply did not do it. The same with assignments: we get like a month to do it, but I did it the day before usually.

At home i did not really have any chores to do except take out the trash once a week and maintaining the pool - and I always had resistance towards doing it. And within everything i did i always did it to the bare minimum and quickest way to get it done so that I do not have to put much effort into it.

All this was about to change with the tools I learned from Desteniiprocess 

When we first got to the farm I faced this laziness head on - because living on a farm requires some hard work, but it actually started to become fun. It was enjoyable, because everything i did mattered. I could see the results and everything accumulating and where there was once a crappy rusted fence there was a new one and it will last for many years. Where there one was an open piece of land there is now an orchard bearing fruit. All that hard work - digging and planting trees - they were very tiny trees when i planted them and no they are big and fruit bearing trees.

The resistance i felt before regarding work went away, because I did not see it as work. It became something that needs to be done - I understand the need for it and so i do it.

This is a reason why people believe that an equal money system will never work, because people are lazy and would rather sit on a beach all day. But what people are doing now is slaving long hours doing mundane work where the actual job does not contribute to anything that maters and that is not necessary in terms of practicality, but they do it because they need money. And that brings resistance. That all will fall away, because we will be doing practical things that matter and contribute to the whole. And like i did we will come to understand the necessity  of what we will do - like producing food for everybody or cleaning the oceans.


If we all work through understanding we will have a better world. Vote here for a better world -

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