Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Road Rage Kills – How Not to Become Possessed


A Taxi Driver was shot and killed by a security guard in a road rage incident.

The taxi driver cut off a security van, the driver of the van then stopped and went to the taxi drivers window and he took out his pistol and then shot the driver dead as well as shooting the passenger.

Being driven by emotion kills. How are you being directed? By yourself or by emotions?

What would you do when you become so angry and full of rage where you become totally possessed by rage and direct that towards somebody?

And as long as you are being directed by emotions and feelings this can happen to you, at any time. People are like walking time bombs waiting to snap, explode. And if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time you will be a victim like many others.

What we say at Desteni is to become completely self directed – where I make the decisions in my life and direct what I feel. That i am responsible for what I feel therefor i must direct myself effectively to make sure that I dont cause harm or do something i might regret.

To become immune to possession. Join Desteni

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