Wednesday, 1 June 2011

I learned to Breath


We live in a world were waiting 20 minutes in a flash2line or getting stuck in traffic for an hour seems to be a long time. We are used to getting results fast and when we don't we get impatient.

This creates the idea that when something takes long and results are not seen soon then something is wrong or not working. This applies to change.

In this process of changing myself I realized that it takes time. And you don't see results fast. We tend to want to give up if something takes longer than a week a month – not realizing what is involved with change. For me to change the personality called Fidelis when first started Desteni must cease to exist. That is the point of reprogramming yourself and writing self to freedom. A personality develops in the first 7 years of life – how long will it take to change that? That depends on me.

The point here is that it will take as long as it takes – Patience is really a virtue. Part of being a Destonian is that we are breathers – in the end that is all we have – Breath and dedication. Being patient depends on how well you breathe.

So I take this one breathe at a time until it is done. Join us at the Desteni I process to learn how to breathe while making serious money.

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