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How i Came to Desteni

How I came to Desteni

I was born and raised a christian. Prayed every night and went to Sunday church. It was at my last 2years of school that I basically stopped being a full Christian meaning I only said I was to avoid conflict with people and parents. I was selective in terms of what I believed the bible said.

I was my last year of school and by that time my sister sunette already met Bernard and Esteni. Throughout that year sunette helped out with driving me and my younger sister to school and I remember sunette sometimes talking about various points regarding what they are doing. I did find it kind of strange but it did not bother me because it made sense. I was pretty much apathetic towards everything back then.

I met Bernard the first time when I was out with a friend at the mall. I saw sunette eating at a restaurant with Bernard and them so went to say hello. Sunette commented that I am a musician and play drums and then Bernard suggested I should give LJ some drum lessons.

That is how I met LJ. So I came by 2 a week giving drum lessons. It was about 2 or 3 months after I finished school that I was forced to look at what I want to do for the rest of my life. I was still living with my parents and I needed to ‘’get a life’’ so to speak . Then one day Bernard asked me what direction I want to take in life. I had no idea. After giving him a blank stare as a response I then said I want to do something with music. Sunette already moved in and lived here with everybody so Bernard suggested I could move in and be a music tutor as well as a schooling tutor. I was eager to do so and moved in 3 days later.

That was 5 years ago. And that is where my world changed. I learned common sense. How I learned self responsibility – that I was ultimately responsible for my thoughts feelings and actions. That I cannot blame or judge another. I learned the meaning of true power - if I want to change I am the one that has to make that change. And I alone have the power to do so. I saw for the first time how truly fucked up existence is and how we are all trapped in a cleverly designed system to keep us from ever realizing what is really going on.

Heaven On Earth:

I used to say that line allot ‘’ as above so below’’. And if we look at how bad shit is on earth, imagine how bad shit is in heaven.

An Equal Money System would be heaven on earth. Heaven being freedom from fear and abuse. That is what our current world system is based on – fear and abuse. It functions on the suffering of many to benefit the few. And we created it – this wonderful world. Now we are entering the stage of consequence and we have trapped ourselves with our greed and desire.

Now Millions suffer everyday and we live in a world that is not worth saving. And that must end.

Money is the goal and with Equal Money System Life would be the goal. We will move from survival to actual living. I saw for the first time a way where an Equal World is actually possible. And rather complaining about this world I am standing up to become that change and investigating solutions to solve all this bullshit we have on earth. And the cool thing is that we as humanity can do this. We can create a heaven on earth for every being. Once and for all end all forms of abuse that exist in this world.

That is why I stand for a Equal Money system – because none are free until all are free.

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