Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Husband Hacked Wife to Death in a Fit of Rage


‘’He hacked her up, cutting “pieces of meat” out of her as if he was cutting up a carcass fDissPicor cooking, angered family members of a Zimbabwean woman whose killer got an eight- year prison sentence for her murder, said on Tuesday. ‘’ – Daily news

The wife moved in with her sister, because the husband and wife had marital problems. On December 13 2009 he went to see her and saw another man leaving the house. He confronted his wife about the man. He told the court that his wife told him that men were paying her to have sex and that she was no longer his wife.

He then got angry, ran back his home and fetched a panga and then returned and started cutting her, she ran and he followed,  keeping on cutting her.

He fled the scene and tried three times to commit suicide before he handed himself over to police. He said he feels immense regret for what he did.

These horrific incidents are on the rise. Events were people become completely possessed  and kill. Most think that thoughts are harmless, but these events are thoughts made manifest and if you allow it within yourself there will be consequences. 

You have the thought -  the feeling /emotion – then the physical action.

At Desteni and Desteni I Process tools are available where one can learn how to stop this vicious cycle of abuse and how to ‘‘clean up the mess ‘’ that is inside ourselves so that we can be free from any from of possession.

I have been actively involved with Desteni for over 5 years and there are many many other standing and changing to become that which is best for all. This is were actual change is – and is done for oneself . Have a look.

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