Thursday, 24 March 2011

I Smell the Past

I walked in the mall the other day and as i walked past someone the smell of their perfume stirred a feeling within me.

Now feelings are activated by thoughts and this particular one was a memory of a long ago girlfriend who used similar perfume. And it took me back to those days and left me with a sense of longing. Which indicated that i have attached her to this smell along with memories related to her. All in one moment of that smelling.

So it was interesting to observe how a smell can effect me - or rather the link I attached to that smell.
And its so with allot of things. The smell of the ocean takes me back to my days of surfing.

The sames goes for pictures, sounds basic perceptions we have formed through our lives.
A fragrance is a fragrance, as Matti Freeman says, a cup is just a cup.

Change the perception you change the person.

The Desteniiprocess  assists with cutting those ties we have formed and brings you here, where a cup is just a cup, the real practical world where we can see what is real.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for sharing Fidelis - I experience the same 'links' presenting themselves to me through music majority of the time. Interesting to see how a song can activate a memory of a specific time in one's life or of a specific person. Exactly like robots who are powered by these links that are activated through the value we placed in things/people. And yes, Desteni I Process is the only point which assists in cutting these ties so that we can be here in totality and experience real value which is life instead of attaching false value to things that are in the past.