Friday, 4 March 2011

Fake greeting Fake

Where is the real people? We have become secluded and we hide from each other in fear of each other. Money has made us see how far we will go to get what we want.

At the shops till counter there is a sticker on the till workers desk that reminds them how to engage a customer.

It has steps that says to greet the customer with a smile and ask how are you? Shit like that.

Its apparently good manners, but what it really is is fake, deceitful. Two fakes not expressing their natural self expression.
We all hide from each other. And put up faces to fit in or to survive.

We live in a Dog Eat Dog world because of money.
If we no longer need money to survive then we can focus on our Lifes.

What would our natural self expression be - with an equal money system we can find out.

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