Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Acts of Kindness are not Selfless


A study in London has shown that a selfless act of kindness towards another is not so selfless – it actually triggers the release of the feel good chemical dopamine which is associated with sex and chocolates.

So then the only reason you would show kindness or assist someone is because it makes you feel good – you do it to make you feel good. Actually being selfish – its almost like using the other person for your benefit. Like an crack addict being directed by the feeling to get the next hit – we are being directed by the feel good feeling. YOU are not in fact being kind -  Its the feeling that is directing you, the feeling has power over you and your actions.

The question then is would you still do it if feelings were not a motivation – would you actually assist someone if it didn't make you feel good?

To be directed by feelings is dangerous – it always overrides common sense. You cant be trusted because you don't really exist – only your feelings do – and you will never be consistent and always be subjected to how you are feeling.

Consistency is the key – where YOU always direct YOU through common sense. Not because it makes you feel good – its what is best for all. You assist the person because its what YOU would have liked to be done for YOU. Best for all includes YOU as well. Self less acts do not exist when you look at Equality and Oneness – you are actually helping yourself by helping others. A different way of looking at selfishness.

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