Wednesday, 4 January 2012

How Silence Brings Life

Self silence is when nothing moves in you – you are here. No thing that is not self directed moves within you.

Obviously this is a process so what we do is use Breath to be able to see the thoughts feelings and emotions as they come up.

We Humans are not breathing – we are not aware of our breath which is shocking because breathing is that which gives us life.

If you look at dolphins – their breathing is not automatic – they have to physically with awareness take a breath and can choose not to take the next breath and die.

So when you are aware of your breath you are here – when you not aware of your breath your in your head in another world. So when you notice you are not in fact breathing here you know your not here. Then you look at what thoughts came up in that moment that kept you from being here and do forgiveness on it with effective self corrective statements that you can live by.

Same with emotions and feelings – as they come up you deal with it. Anything that moves in you that you didn't direct you must investigate what it is and deal with it immediately.  You want to eventually have nothing move in you – silence Here. This is a process of becoming self directed where nothing can move you.

If you are asking what is self forgiveness go here –