Sunday, 31 May 2015

Day 293: Don’t Judge a shirt by its Design…

We all have our preferences to styles and types of clothing we like. Sure it’s sometimes mostly based on ideas created behind the point or social influences, other times it’s based on what is practical. For me I prefer wearing simple plain clothing.
Back when I was a teenager it was a different story. I was into whatever was cool based on social influences. I was a surfer/rockstar wannabe so that is the clothing I wore.  Had to be branded clothing. But as you know – things changes when you grow up and now clothing is simply soothing to cover my birthday suit.

Throughout the years there was one thing that did not change and something I brought with me since childhood – I will never wear a Vest.

With working around the farm your clothing does not last very long so every now and then I need new shirts. So off I went with my girlfriend and at the store she places a vest in my hands. I immediately and firmly announced my displeasure and told her I will not wear this. We walked og there with a few new shirts and the Vest.

I did not even realize at that point what my issue is with a vest until I looked at it. A memory  came up from when I was very young I found a box of clothes and in there was a vest, I put it on and went about my day. My parents saw me with this vest and they were all like “ wow, look at those muscles” and “ look at how strong you are”. I got fairly irritated with this and decided there I really don’t like vests.

What I did was linked wearing vests to people who want to look strong and show of their muscles. Like an Ego thing. And from There I avoided wearing Vests. 

It was only recently at the behest of my partner that I started wearing Vests again ad I got to say – when it comes to a very hot day a vest is much better to wear that a T-Shirt ( What?! Really?!).  So all those years I was sweating on hot days with my T-Shirt I could have worn a nice vest, but I created this idea and belief about the Vest and lived with that idea for many years.

So what beliefs and ideas are you living with currently? It’s hard to determine, because you already firmly believe it is real. Only way to find out if it’s real or not is to tests it out for yourself .

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