Monday, 4 May 2015

Day 285 How do you expand your comfort zone?


index I wrote previously on how some of us get stuck in our ways, in doing things a specific way and always following the same patterns. Another point that comes from this is never trying something new that is outside your comfort zone.

In our lives we have created zones. And in our comfort zones we like to stay. Anything that might bring us out of these comfort zones we will stay away from. For example for me personally my comfort zone is being by myself and stepping out of that comfort zone is being around allot of people.

The problem with comfort zones is that if you stay there you will never expand yourself. You will stay the same, because you keep on doing the same things and never venture out to explore new things. Sometimes opportunities present themselves to me, they come along and then I have an option to choose – but sometimes these opportunities will take me out of my comfort zone and thus I will not take it and rather let it pass.

That is why the comfort zone can be so dangerous to stay in. The point is to not be stuck in your comfort zone, but to expand the comfort zone. But before you can expand it you need to first step out of it. If I use my example again, being around allot of people is outside my comfort zone, so what I do is put more effort to engage in large groups where possible so that I can learn to become more comfortable around a group of people. Then what happens is that I will eventually build confidence and become comfortable and thus I would have expanded my comfort zone.

It’s like this with all things. We really like our comfy zones and do not want to get out of it. It’s like being in a nice and warm bed and needing to wake up, but it’s so cold and dark outside and you really just want to stay in the nice and warm bed. Wake up and get up – Expand that comfort zone. Life Begins and the end of your comfort Zone

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