Thursday, 28 May 2015

Day 291: Abdicating Responsibility – Its Human Nature!

Is this part of who we are? To give away our power and Self responsibility within everything we do. Let’s investigate by looking at a few popular examples.

Religion is a big one. Humans have recognized that we have some real problems within ourselves. Sometimes we do really bad stuff that we believe we have no control over, and sometimes we do really good stuff. So Let’s create a devil and make him responsible for all the bad stuff and then create a God that helps us be good. It’s easy to blame something outside ourselves for what is happening within us. But in reality – we are 100% responsible for our own actions.

To abdicate responsibility is a big part of who we are – we even created a whole world system from this point. From Having Kings and Queens dictate over us – to empowering governments to be responsible for us. So that when things go wrong we always have something else to blame for our problems.

The world as it exists today is a outward manifestation of human nature. We created this world based on how we are within. And one of those parts is not taking self-responsibility and gave us all things to blame. Let’s turn this inward and see why we did this – why do we not want to see and realize that we are responsible for ourselves?

Looking within yourself you will see this pattern. Look at the things we do in our daily lives. Look at how easy we get angry at people who we believe have wronged us. Look at how we judge others that we believe are different to us. Look at the nasty thoughts we create towards people we do not like. It’s like a constant blame point. We actually blame others for what we feel inside ourselves. That is not taking self-responsibility.

Another example is trying to change yourself. Within the point of self-change there is always one excuse or justification that seems like such a valid reason to not change. Within that we believe we are not strong enough to change or lack the power to change. Again that is a point of blame and not being self-responsible, because you give your power away to the excuse by allowing it to direct you. If we cannot realize that we are responsible for ourselves and start taking self-responsibility then we will always blame others and nothing will change.

Yes – abdicating Self responsibility is Human Nature – because it seemingly makes our lives easier. When things go wrong we can simply point fingers. But there will come a time when we can no longer point fingers at others and blame others for our problems. At some point you we have to stop and realize that each of us are actually responsible for what’s happening in our lives and in this world.

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