Monday, 11 May 2015

Day 287 - The insanity of cat punching and why we all are to blame


index A guy created a Facebook page dedicated to punching cats. What followed was people posting videos and photos of abusing poor animals and the internet going crazy demanding the page be removed. After a petition of about 20 000 people Facebook removed the page and few days afterwards another one emerged.

There are so many points happening here. First thing we need to ask is what kind of person would create a page about abusing animals and then also what kind of person would find this page a great place to post videos and photos of abusing animals for the whole world to see? It’s easy to sit there and judge such a person, but such disregard for life is something that you grow up with. Some peoples parents teach their kids this – or some parents simply do not teach their children about how to care for animals. So who is to blame? The guy? The guys parents? The guys parents parents? Society? Humanity?

We are all actually responsible for this; because it’s a symptom of a broken society we all live and participate in. Animals have always been regarded as less. Even god told mankind to have dominion over them. The amount of care we give animals and the planet and far far far less than we do for humans and that is a problem. We are all equals and we need to treat the animals with the respect hey deserve.

Why does it take 20 000 people to remove a page like this? Or more why do we only care about removing a page about animal abuse and not stopping animals abuse at its source? Why are we not outraged about all the atrocities currently existing in the world? Where is that anger when it comes to things like the fur industry? Where is that outrage when it comes to things like war or poverty?

Its only when its right in our face when we will start doing something. if somebody opens a fur factory in your backyard you will be outraged and stop it. Or if a war breaks out in your lounge you will probably want to really stop it. But when its far away where it doesn’t affect us we simply do not care.

Imagine – all abuse happening right now. Right now somebody is being robbed and killed or raped. Right now somebody is in great pain and suffering dying from hunger. Right now an animal is being skinned. There are some really bad shit happening right now and the problem is human nature. That needs to change. The world needs to change. WE need to change. I need to change. Time to change this world for the better – it starts with you and me.

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