Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Day 114 - Its All about me


ON the topic of movies - I have watched the movie called ANTZ and in the beginning the one ant is complaining about his ant life and saying ''but what about ME!''. Another ant later explains to the complaining at that it is not all about him, but that its all about the colony as a whole. But this complaining ANT wants to be significant, special.

Later in the movie the ants decided they have choice - they do not have to work and contribute. Which in the end resulted in destruction on most of the ant nest.

Now movies aside lets look at real life ants.images

Each individual ant works an a task and thus contributes to the whole so that the colony can be strong and effective. They realize that what they do is not work - its an understanding that only as a group are they strong and effective. If one or a few ants decides to give up then the colony is weakened.

So unlike humans:

Laziness does not exist.

Wanting to be special also does no’t exist.

Wanting to be different does n’ot exits .

Choice does not exist

The last point is very important. Most people have a believe that they have a choice - not true. Free choice does not exist for the ant. They do not choose to work together - they simply do it. its not a choice, but rather a principle.

So humans want life to be all about them - we want to be special, unique, significant.We do not care about the others living in our colony/earth. Its all about me. That is the reason why half the population suffers, because we do not care. We do not want to work together for a better world. we want to live our idea of ''free choice'' that depends on money ( or if you are religious you practice your choice to praise god or burn for eternity in hell - that is not a choice).

We must work together as a group as equals in order for us to become a strong standing and effective race - otherwise we will destroy our colony/earth. It is already happening.

So lets stop out bullcrap and work together based on the understanding that it must be done. Help us and join us and contribute towards a new world system where life is what is best for the whole/all/ earth.

Only at  - do you think we cant do it? YES WE CAN!!!!! (obama wont change a thing - click the link and vote to make a real difference) 

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