Monday, 27 August 2012

Day 79 - I'm Doing the best I can


Since being on the farm we have worked on many projects - and within those projects you leant a great deal about yourself - you can see how much work has been put into a certain project and depending on how effective the project is when its done reflects on the person. Shine5

Its really awesome to do something physically yourself - like fencing or building a nursery and laying down a concrete floor - its stays there for a very long time. You can look back and say to yourself '' I did that''. And with every project I did I always looked to become more effective so that when i do this particular project again - i will do it better. And with lots of practice, research and assistance i found better and more effective ways to do things.

Every time When i was finished with project I told myself i did the best i can, but i did it better the next time - so then ''doing the best I can'' got better, which indicated that 'my best' back then was not in fact my best. At the moment with I my knowledge and ability that i had it was the best i could do - but i also had the ability to do better and i proofed it later

The point im making here is that when someone say that they are doing the best they can it is usually related to a point they did and did not do good enough. So they get defensive and try to justify their limitations by saying:'' I DOING THE BEST I CAN!!!'' . I had a few projects where i did not in fact do the best I can where I believed I did,  and then someone would bring the point out and after being pissed of and throwing tantrums to try defend and justify my work i then did realize I was slacking. 

I remember a time when we started closing a hole in our dam wall so that we can have a dam with lots of water  - we had to take wheelbarrows of sand bags and loose sand to the wall which was very difficult. The hole in the wall was  about 2 meters  wide and 4 meters long( this is an estimation - thickness of the dam wall). We only closed it up about a third of the hole - it was a shit of sand and bags to do that and i thought that was good enough  - it will hold. A while after that the flood rains came and the bags were not nearly enough to hold the pressure of the water in the dam so it broke and got washed away - loosing all the water in the dam.

I really felt like shit - the first sign that i did not actually do the best i could - because if I did I would not feel like shit. That is where I learnt about consequences - that when working n the imagesphysical you can see in real time the consequences of your actions - I learnt that my actions have REAL CONSEQUESNCES so i saw the reason why you should do things PROPERLY - rather make sure by doing MORE instead of risking not doing enough - no matter how i feel about it.

You do it once and proper so that you don't have to do it again. (We did then later fill that hole completely and hammered in steel rods. Then we even made the wall thicker with more bags to ensure it hold the water and not break.)


It is to do the best you can - to the best of your ability and then to find way to improve your best so that you can become more and more effective so that the ability gets better and better. Do not accept that you are doing your best - do better every time 


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